Mr John Ip

BA, LLB(Hons), LLM (Columbia)

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Senior Lecturer


John Ip's research interests lie in public and constitutional law, with a particular focus on legal issues arising out of post-9/11 counterterrorism measures, and in law and popular culture. 

John is a graduate of the University of Auckland, and completed his postgraduate studies at Columbia University Law School, where he was a James Kent Scholar. Prior to joining the Faculty of Law in 2005, John worked on Guantánamo Bay and death penalty litigation at a non-governmental organisation in the United States, and was a Judges' Clerk at the Auckland High Court. 

Research | Current

  • The normalisation of exceptional counterterrorism measures
  • Suspicionless counterterrorism stop and search powers
  • Counterrorism legislation concerning foreign fighters

Teaching | Current

  • LAW 121 - Law and Society
  • LAW 211 - Public Law
  • LAWPUBL 451 - Counterterrorism Law and Policy
  • LAWHONS 746 - Concepts in Law and Security

Postgraduate supervision

Recent thesis/dissertation supervision topics

  • Law, exception and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy
  • The Weaponisation of Information
  • New Zealand's Response to the Foreign Fighter Phenomenon
  • A Case for a Parliamentary Human Rights Committee
  • Employment Preferences for Maori in the Public Health Sector
  • Counterterrorism, sting operations and entrapment 
  • Narrowing the scope of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Control Order Cases
  • New Zealand’s police pursuit policy and an argument for its reform
  • The Motive Element in the Definition of a Terrorist Act 
  • The Case for Compulsory Voting in New Zealand
  • The Office of Legal Counsel's post-2002 torture memoranda
  • Operation Neptune Spear: the targeted killing of Osama Bin Laden
  • Police discretion in The Wire
  • The sanctions regime under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267

Areas of expertise

  • Counterterrorism and constitutionalism
  • Law and security
  • Comparative counterterrorism law
  • Public and constitutional law

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Ip, J. (2017). The legality of 'suspicionless' stop and search powers under the European Convention on Human Rights. Human Rights Law Review, 17 (3), 523-544. 10.1093/hrlr/ngw025
  • Ip, J. (2016). The making of New Zealand’s foreign fighter legislation: Timely response or undue haste?. Public Law Review, 27 (3), 181-197.
  • Ip, J. (2015). Terrorism laws and constitutional accountability. In G. Lennon, C. Walker (Eds.) Routledge handbook of law and terrorism (pp. 99-115). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
  • Ip, J. C. (2013). The Reform of Counterterrorism Stop and Search after Gillan v. United Kingdom. Human Rights Law Review, 13 (4), 729-760. Related URL.
  • Ip, J. C. (2013). Sunset Clauses and Counterterrorism Legislation. Public Law, January, 74-99. 10.2139/ssrn.1853945
  • Ip, J. (2012). Al Rawi, Tariq, and the Future of Closed Material Procedures and Special Advocates. Modern Law Review, 75 (4), 606-623. 10.1111/j.1468-2230.2012.00916.x
  • Ip, J. C. (2011). The Dark Knight’s War on Terrorism. Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, 9 (1), 209-229.
  • Ip, J. C. (2010). The Supreme Court and House of Lords in the War on Terror: Inter Arma Silent Leges?. Michigan State Journal of International Law, 19 (1), 1-61.


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