Dr Jiney Jose


Jiney Jose obtained his MS and PhD degrees in Organic Chemistry from Texas A&M Univeristy, Texas working with Professor Kevin Burgess. His research involved development of organic fluorescent probes and nanoparticles for cellular imaging studies. He received a cancer prevention research institute of Texas (CPRIT) fellowship to pursue postdoctoral research with Professor Eric V. Anslyn/ Prof. Kevin Dalby at the University of Texas at Austin. His research focused on developing tryptamine analogues for the treatment of breast cancer. He joined the Centre in 2012 as a research fellow. He is an Affiliate Investigator in the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery at the University of Auckland.


Research Interests

His research interest includes cancer research, medicinal chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, fluorescent probes and nanoparticles,  immunosuppressive therapy, short acting anaesthetics. He is currently involved in an immunotherapy project developing small molecules for the treatment of Leukaemia. He is also involved in the development and application of tumour targeting theranostic drug dye conjugates with brain penetrant properties for treatment of paediatric and adult brain cancers. He is always interested in training students who has an interest in medicinal chemistry.

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