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PhD, MPhil, BCL, LLB(Hons)

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Jane Kelsey is one of New Zealand's best-known critical commentators on issues of globalisation and neoliberalism. She has taught at the University of Auckland since 1979, specialising in socio-legal studies, law and policy and international economic regulation.

Jane is active internationally as a researcher, analyst,  adviser and media commentators on globalisation, especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, trade in services, and investment agreements. She is an active member of a number of international coalitions of academics, trade unionists, NGOs and social movements working for social justice.

A followup to her best-selling book on the neoliberal restructuring of New Zealand, 'The New Zealand Experiment. A World Model for Structural Adjustment?' will be published in 2015. Entitled 'The FIRE Economy', it  examines the challenges of embedded neoliberalism in the context of financial crises, and was supported by a Marsden Fund research grant. Other recent books include 'Service Whose Interests? The Political Economy of Trade in Services Agreements' (Routledge Cavendish 2008), and the edited 'No Ordinary Deal. Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement' (ed) (Bridget Williams Books 2010), as well as many published articles.

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International trade and investment agreements, financial crises, neoliberalism, policy and regulation.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Kelsey, J. (2018). How a TPP-Style E-commerce Outcome in the WTO would Endanger the Development Dimension of the GATS Acquis (and Potentially the WTO). Journal of International Economic Law. 10.1093/jiel/jgy024
  • Kelsey, J. (2017). The risks for ASEAN of new mega-agreements that promote the wrong model of e-commerce. Jakarta, Indonesia: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).
  • Kelsey, E. (2016). Sixth affidavit of Professor Jane Kelsey to the Waitangi Tribunal Urgent Inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (Wai 2522).
  • Kelsey, J. (2015). The FIRE Economy New Zealand’s Reckoning. Bridget Williams Books. Pages: 344.
  • Kelsey, J. (2015). Homage and heresy from a licensed subversive: Theorising paradigm change in transnational economic regulation. In U. Baxi, C. McCrudden, A. Paliwala (Eds.) Law's ethical, global, and theoretical contexts: Essays in honour of William Twining. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Kelsey, J. (2014). ISDS: Controversy and cases. Paper presented at Workshop: Investment Agreements and Development Policy: The way forward, India International Centre, New Delhi, India. 17 December - 17 December 2014. Related URL.
  • Kelsey, J. (2014). Implications of TPP provisions on regulatory coherence, state-owned enterprises and competition. Paper presented at Commonwealth Secretariat and UNCTAD, International Conference on “Mega Trading Blocs: Implications for Developing Countries", New Delhi, India. 15 December - 16 December 2014. Related URL.
  • Kelsey, E. J., & Kilic, B. (2014). Briefing on US TISA Proposal on E-Commerce, Technology Transfer, Cross-Border Data Flows and Net Neutrality. Related URL.

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