Associate Professor Jingyuan Wen

MD, MSc and PhD


Professor Wen has over 20 year research experience in pharmacology, nutraceuical, pharmaceutical, drug discovery from natural products, novel drug formulation and delivery system design. She has received her Bachelor Medicine in 1986 and received her master degree in pharmacology in 1991 at the School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, China.  She was awarded a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science in 2003 from the School of Pharmacy, Otago University of New Zealand. She woked as a post-doc researcher for two and  a half year at Neuren Pharmaceuticals Ltd, New Zealand. She was appointed as a lecturer/senior lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, University of Auckland in 2005/2008.  In 2015, she  was promoted to an A/professor  recognizing both excellence in teaching and research.   She was also appointed as a research theme leader in drug delivery in 2013.  Under her supervision, 15 PhD students, 14 master students and 160 research dissertation and international exchange students have completed their degree and 4 PhD students are still on going in the area of pharmaceutical science. To date, she has published over 200 peer reviewed articles, patents, book chapters and conference abstracts in drug delivery, natural products and biological science. Professor Wen is a treasurer of the committee Controlled Release Society (CRS) NZ local chapter. She is also an abstracts reviewer of CRS (from 2007 to present) and a chair person of Oral Drug Delivery Award Committee of CRS (2007 to 2012).  She is a member of Science Advisory Board, USA and an editor for several journal articles. She has established contacts with international and local pharmaceutical industry and has been involved in joint projects and consultations work for national and international pharmaceutical and health care companies since 2005. In 2017, she was an funded invited speaker of CRS in Boston, USA which it has recoginsed her expertise in pharmaceutical science globally.



Research | Current

Research interests

  • Formulation and Drug Delivery for Human and Veterinary Applications
  • Delivery of Peptides and Proteins,currently focus is on Oral, Intranasal and Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Nanotechnology and Lipid Based Systems Used in Drug Delivery
  • Drug Transport across GI tract and Blood Brain Barriers
  • Particulate Systems Including Microspheres and Microcapsules, Nanoparticles, Microemulsions
  • Controlled Release Technologies
  • The Solid State of Drugs and Dosage Forms
  • Oral delivery of bioactives to biocontrol of New Zealand brush tail possum
  • New Drug Discover From Natural Products
  • Animal Model Development (Blood Brain Barrier set up)
  • Preformulation studies for new and existing drugs such as drug stability and solubility studies
  • Nutraceutical and cosmetic product eg skin care product development.

Postgraduate supervision

Primary supervisor for

Naibo Yin

Sanjukta Duarah

Murad Al Gailani

Shuo Chen

Geraldine Pinlac

Amani Jabr

Mengyang Liu


Co-supervisor for

Yongzhao Zhu  (main supervisor professor Siew Young Quek﴿





Outstanding Lecturer Award in 1994 from Fudan University, China

Junior Lectuer Teaching Award in 1994 from Fudan University,

PhD scholarship from Otago University of New Zealand, 1998.



Course director:

Pharmacy 212.

Course co-ordinator:

Pharmacy 760 and pharmacy 761.

Chair in Drug Delivery Theme



Areas of expertise

Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic product development, formulation and characterisation

Drug analytical method development and valiation. Preformulaiton for all the compounds

In vitro and vivo screening for new drug discovery.

Drug uptake and transport studies across Caco-2 or Blood Brain Barrier



Committees/Professional groups/Services

Faculty Postgraduate study board memeber.

Committee member of CRS NZ local chapter since 2010.

Senior visiting scholar from Fudan University 2013 to 2015.

Technology For Industy Fellowship, NZFRST, 2002



Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Hemant, K., Craig, B., & Wen, J. Y.. Novel formulations, methods of making same and uses therefor. NZ 578480
  • Wen, J. Y., Thomas, G., & Bickerdike, M. J.. Oral formulations of Glycyl-2-Methylprolyl-Glutamate. US 2009/0074865 A1

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Office hours

From 9am to 5pm

Primary office location

M&HS BUILDING 503 - Bldg 503
Level 3, Room 301B
New Zealand