Associate Professor Jeff Harrison

PhD GradCertClinEd DipClinPharm BSc(Hons)


I am a hospital pharmacist by training, latterly specialising in cardiovascular and intensive care medicine. After completing my clinical training and undertaking a clinical trials based PhD in England I trained in Evidence-based Medicine at McMaster University and became a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist in the US.

My current research is centred on pharmacoepidemiology and medicines-related health outcomes research. I also have interests in health services research as it relates to pharmacy services, and in medication safety. My research requires the application of a variety of methodological approaches including randomised controlled trials, observational studies using routinely collected administrative health data, quantitative surveys and a range of qualitative research methods. My research is cited in influential evidence-based international guidelines (American College of Chest Physicians) and has influenced a number of areas of policy and practice both in New Zealand and internationally.

More recently I have become interested in the intersection of mental and physcial health, disparities in health outcomes and the contribution that health system and health professional behaviours that support and maintain these.

Research | Current

Research interests

  • Cardiovascular medicine
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Computerised decision support
  • Rational use of medicines
  • Medication safety
  • Chronic disease management
  • Pharmaceutical care services
  • Ethics in healthcare
  • Professionalism
  • Organisational performance

Postgraduate supervision

Doctorate Student Research

  • Shane Scahill: PhD [2007 – 2011, Part-time converted to Full-time] Exploring the nature of the relationship between organisational culture and effectiveness within a selection of community pharmacies in New Zealand. Shane is the recipient of a competitive Senior Health Research Fellowship.Co-supervisior: Dr Peter Carswell, Health Systems
  • Amy Chan; PhD [2009 – 2014, Part-time]Improving adherence and asthma outcomes in individuals with poorly controlled asthma. Amy is the recipient of a Lottery Health Research Scholarship Co-supervisior: Professor Ed Mitchell, Medicine (Paediatrics)
  • Jerome Ng; PhD [2010 – 2013] An Exploratory Study into Measuring Medication Safety in New Zealand Hospitals. Jerome is the recipient of a competitive Senior Health Research Fellowship. Co-supervisor: Shane Scahill (Massey University). Advisor: Professor Alan Merry, Medicine (Anaesthesiology)
  • Primal Singh, PhD [2011 – 2014] The use of HMG Co-A enzyme inhibitors (statins) to reduce morbidity after colorectal surgery. Parry is the recipient of the Ruth Spencer Medical Research Fellowship. Supervised with Associate Prof Andrew Hill, Medicine (Surgery)
  • Prabhat Bhusal [2013 – 2016] Development of a Modifiable, Recoverable, Controlled Release Drug Delivery System for Implantation. Supervised with Dr Darren Svirskis and Prof A Hill.
  • Aleksandra Milosavljevic [2015-2018] Evaluation of patient outcomes in people enrolled in the Long Term Conditions (LTC) service under the new community pharmacy contract: a matched cohort data linkage study.Co-supervisior: Dr Trudi Aspden. Alex is the recipient of a Vernon Tews Foundation PhD Scholarship.
  • Robert Haua [2016 – 2019] Evaluating Models of Pharmacist Integration into General Practice in New Zealand. Supervised with Dr Trudi Aspden. Robert is the recipient of the Sasakawa Young Leaders' Fellowship PhD Scholarship.

Masters Student Research

  • Sandra Ponen: MPH dissertation [2004/5] Validation of the Australasian Medicines and Devices Terminology (ADMT) model in the New Zealand setting
  • Damien Hannah: MPharmPrac dissertation [2005] Reliability of a Drug-Related Problem Classification System Used for Pharmacist Lead Medication Reviews for Elderly Rest Home Residents
  • Andre Mutavidzic: MPharmPrac Thesis [2005/6] Therapeutic Drug Monitoring at Waikato Hospital
  • Anne Blumgart: MPH thesis [2006/7] Examination of a structured patient education initiative to improve warfarin safety
  • Kathy Maxwell: MPharmPrac(Otago) [2010] Investigation of Drug Related Problems (DRP) in patients presenting with secondary care prescriptions: A New Zealand Community Pharmacy Perspective.
  • Karen Dunning: MHSc [2010] Clozapine discontinuation in New Zealand: a quantitative and qualitative review

International Exchange Student Masters Research

  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2006/7 Elin Gisterå: Cardiovascular Risk Profile and Determinants of Risk in Mental Health Clients in New Zealand
  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2007/8 Minna Janlöv: Descriptive review of clozapine prescribing in a mental health service in Auckland, New Zealand: comparison with national and international guidelines.
  • MPharm, Braunschweig, Germany, 2007/8 Stefanie Pügge:  A Systematic Review of Community Pharmacist Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes.
  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2008/9 Elin Larsson: Physical health needs of patients with serious mental illness: a systematic review of the literature and development of a patient self-administered questionnaire.
  • MPharm, University of Nottingham, UK 2010 Kirsty Johnson: Prescription Medicines in Pregnancy: Prevalence of Use of Medicines with the Potential for Foetal Injury.
  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2009/10 Patrick Bäckström: Assessment and management of CVD risk factors in a cohort of patients with serious mental illness.
  • MPharm, University of Nottingham, UK 2010 Riya Chopra: Does computerised decision support have the potential to improve practitioner adherence to guidelines for the management of Cardiovascular Disease and/or Diabetes in New Zealand?
  • MPharm, University of Bath, UK 2012 Kate Kittow: Patterns of use and comparative effectiveness of dabigatran and warfarin in the prevention of thromboembolic complications.
  • MPharm, University of Nottingham, UK 2014 Hannah Kinsey: Pharmacist views on the new Community Pharmacy Services Agreement for funding pharmacy services in New Zealand: A qualitative study
  • MPharm, University of Bath, UK 2014 Suzie Patton: Generalizability of pharmacist views on the new Community Pharmacy Services Agreement for funding pharmacy services in New Zealand: A quantitative survey
  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2015 Sofie Lidstrom: Variation in access to pharmacy services: Development of a platform for geospatial analysis.
  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2015 Patricia Näslund: Variation in the quality and outcomes of anticoagulation therapy and association with adverse clinical outcomes.
  • MPharm, Uppsala, Sweden, 2016 Henrik Andersson: Development of a survey tool to measure patient satisfaction with community pharmacy based long-term conditions services in New Zealand.
  • MPharm, University of Bath, UK 2016 Lucy Harvey: A cross-sectional survey on the use on mobile devices and applications by healthcare professionals.


  • 2010 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, Fulbright New Zealand
  • 2007 Butland Award for Early Career Excellence in Teaching, FMHS

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Metcalfe, S., Beyene, K. A., Urlich, J., Jones, R., Proffitt, C., Harrison, J., & Andrews, A. (2018). Te Wero tonu—the challenge continues: Māori access to medicines 2006/07–2012/13 update. New Zealand Medical Journal, 131 (1485), 27-47. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Kebede Beyene, Rhys Jones
  • Ng, J., Andrew, P., Muir, P., Greene, M., Mohan, S., Knight, J., ... Scahill, S. (2018). Feasibility and reliability of clinical coding surveillance for the routine monitoring of adverse drug events in New Zealand hospitals. New Zealand Medical Journal, 131 (1484), 46-60. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Vanessa Selak, Peter Davis, Joanna Broad
  • Milosavljevic, A., Aspden, T., & Harrison, J. (2018). Community pharmacist-led interventions and their impact on patients’ medication adherence and other health outcomes: a systematic review. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 26 (5), 387-397. 10.1111/ijpp.12462
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Trudi Aspden
  • Beyene, K., Metcalfe, S., Jones, R., Urlich, J., Andrews, A., Proffitt, C., & Harrison, J. (2018). Variation in medicines use by ethnicity: A comparison between 2006/2007 and 2012/2013. PHARMACOEPIDEMIOLOGY AND DRUG SAFETY. (pp. 1).
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Kebede Beyene
  • Harrison, J., & Bye, L. (2018). Community pharmacy: only innovation will deflect the disruptor beam. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research, 48 (3), 200-202. 10.1002/jppr.1463
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Lynne Bye
  • Bhusal, P., Rahiri, J. L., Sua, B., McDonald, J. E., Bansal, M., Hanning, S., ... Procter, G. (2018). Comparing human peritoneal fluid and phosphate-buffered saline for drug delivery: do we need bio-relevant media?. Drug delivery and translational research, 8 (3), 708-718. 10.1007/s13346-018-0513-9
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Darren Svirskis, Sara Hanning, Andrew Hill, Mahima Bansal, Jamie-Lee Rahiri, Bruce Su'a, Manisha Sharma
  • Pylypchuk, R., Wells, S., Kerr, A., Poppe, K., Riddell, T., Harwood, M., ... Wu, B. P. (2018). Cardiovascular disease risk prediction equations in 400 000 primary care patients in New Zealand: a derivation and validation study. Lancet (London, England), 391 (10133), 1897-1907. 10.1016/s0140-6736(18)30664-0
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Matire Harwood, Romana Pylypchuk, Katrina Poppe, Daniel Exeter, Roger Marshall, Rod Jackson, Patricia Metcalf, Suneela Mehta, Corina Grey, Susan Wells, Billy Wu, Jim Warren
  • Smith, A. J., Scahill, S. L., Harrison, J., Carroll, T., & Medlicott, N. J. (2018). Service provision in the wake of a new funding model for community pharmacy. BMC health services research, 18 (1)10.1186/s12913-018-3120-z
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Shane Scahill

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