Associate Professor Jing Sun

Ph.D. (01/2000 - 06/2003), Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Republic of Singapore.

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Associate Professor


Jing obtained his PhD degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore. He joined the Department of Computer Science at University of Auckland in 2003, who is now an Associate Professor. 

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Jing's research expertise is computer aided verification in the Software Engineering domain to enhance the quality and security aspects of software and hardware development. It includes formal specification, software verification, validation and simulation, model checking, theorem proving and ontological reasoning. His recent research projects have been focused on applying machine learning and AI based technologies to the field of automated software engineering, i.e., automatic formal design model repair, automated code generation from design models, semantic rule driven program behaviour monitoring, model-based test case generation, etc.

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SCIENCE CENTRE 303 - Bldg 303
New Zealand

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