Dr Kane Meissel

MSc(Psych, 1st class hons); PhD(Education)


Kane is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice, in the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Kane’s research focuses on the use of advanced quantitative methodologies to identify and reduce educational disparities, as well as promote equity and social justice for traditionally marginalised learners. A particular focus of Kane's research is the identification of specific factors that relate to resilience among under-served learner groups. 

Research | Current

I am currently a named investigator on two major projects: Growing Up in New Zealand, and the Consortium for Professional Learning

Growing Up in New Zealand is a major, multi-disciplinary longitudinal study following ~7000 New Zealand children from before birth through to adulthood. The study is designed to better understand the pathways leading to differential outcomes and aims to improve the lives of all New Zealand’s children.

The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) works with schools to ensure that all students enjoy a quality learning experience for the whole time they are at school, and that they are able and motivated to drive their own learning, with a particular focus on those groups of students identified as priority learners within the system – Māori students, Pasifika students, students from low socio-economic communities and students with special education needs.

Teaching | Current

  • EDUC 323             Contemporary topics in Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 741             Educational Psychology

Teaching | Previous

  • PSYCH 109           Mind, Brain and Behaviour
  • PSYCH 204           Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 208           Producing Psychological Knowledge
  • PSYCH 319           Psychology and Gender
  • PSYCH 322           Industrial, Work and Organisational Psychology
  • PSYCH 326           Lifespan Development
  • EDUC 117             Teaching and Learning: An Educational Psychological Perspective
  • EDUC 342             Educational Psychology: A behavioural approach
  • EDUC 352             Adolescence
  • EDUC 747             Issues in Adolescent Development

Postgraduate supervision

I supervise in a range of areas across Educational Psychology, with a particular interest in supervising students utilising advanced quantitative methodologies to address equity-related questions within the Educational sector.

I am also interested in hearing from prospective doctoral students interested in working with the Growing Up in New Zealand data. Students are currently around 8 years old, so the focus is currently mainly on measures of early childhood outcomes and the transition to primary school. Possible topics include:

  • How do parents' expectations and beliefs relate to students' school readiness?
  • How does language exposure (e.g. bilingualism) relate to socio-emotional and cognitive development as well as school readiness?
  • How does  quality of the Early Childhood provider, and attendance in ECE, relate to the child’s social and cognitive outcomes?
  • How satisfied are parents with the skills developed by ECE providers and how does this relate to perceived school readiness?

In Progress



Projected Completion

Name of Student

Thesis title

PhD 2013 2017 Rajshree Krishnan Teacher expectations and student perceptions of mature-aged students in three faculties
PhD 2013 2018 Karen Major Collecting and using information about student teachers’ prior knowledge to improve their teaching of mathematics
PhD 2014 2018 Shengnan Wang A longitudinal study on teacher expectation: its stability and impact on student achievement
PhD 2016 2019 Esther Yao Variability in the perceptions and manifestations of adolescent depression.
MEd 2017 2018 Jonghyun Jun

Parental decision-making about early childhood education.

PhD 2017 2020 Katy Perry Introducing digital assessment into New Zealand secondary schools – an exploration of its use and impact.
PhD 2017 2020 Anran Zhao What made PISA outcomes different? A comparison of socioeconomic status, curriculum and students' motivation between New Zealand and China (Shanghai).
PhD 2017 2020 Kirsten Sharman The role of infant-directing singing in language acquisition of New Zealand children.
MEd 2018 2019 Shaheena Sulaiman Parent-child interactions and early language and literacy development in bilingual children growing up in New Zealand.
PhD 2018 2021 Idoya Munn Identification of Twice-Exceptional Students in NZ: Finding our Way.





Name of Student

Thesis title




Jennifer Supeck

Measuring levels of student engagement in the New Zealand intermediate school mathematics classroom and the implications for raising student achievement.

MEd 2014 2015 Chao Zheng A Comparative Study of Foreign Language Anxiety of Chinese First Year College Students in China and Those Learning in New Zealand
MEd 2015 2015 Sinead Wilson

Parent and teacher interactional styles and children’s relationships with peers.

MA 2015 2016 Sukriti Bhatnagar Defining 'evidence-based' programmes in New Zealand educational and youth mentoring sectors.
MPSt 2016 2016 Idoya Munn Teachers and Twice-exceptional Students in New Zealand: The Search for a Teacher Who “Gets It” .
PhD 2009 2016 Nane Rio Teacher expectations and ethnicity: Student and teacher perspectives
MA 2016 2016 Zoe Klomp The influence of NCEA testing on teacher creativity and lesson planning.


Faculty of Education and Social Work Early Career Teaching Excellence Award 2017


  • School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice Postgraduate Committee
  • Postgraduate Research Approvals and Examinations Subcommittee
  • Affiliate of Quant-DARE 
  • Faculty Staff-Student Consultative Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


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Level 4, Room 412
New Zealand

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