Dr Lena Francesca Weissert

BSc (University of Zurich), MSc (University College London), PhD (UoA)

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Honorary Academic

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I'm interested in the carbon cycle in urban and terrestrial ecosystems and measures to mitigate climate change. My MSc research focused on carbon storage in peatlands, uncertainties related to carbon stock estimates and the vulnerability of these carbon stocks to degradation. 

For my PhD research I shifted from natural to urban ecosystems. I'm interested in urban CO2 fluxes and concentrations and the contribution of anthropogenic and biogenic CO2 sources. Given the increasing interest in urban greening as climate change mitigation measure I'm particularly interested in the potential of urban vegetation to mitigate local CO2 emissions. 

In my current role as a Reserach Fellow, I study air quality using low-cost sensor technology and explore the use of Land Use Regression (LUR) models and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to model and map air pollutants at a high spatial and temporal resolution.

Teaching | Current

Guest lecturing: 

ENVSCI 201: Natural and Human Environmental Systems

Areas of expertise

Climate change, urban ecology, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, soil carbon, air quality

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SCIENCE CENTRE 302 - Bldg 302
Level 7, Room 763
New Zealand