Miss Guangyun Li

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I completed my undergraduate and master studies in Henan Agricultural University and Shihezi University respectivelly, before moving to New Zealand and beginning my PhD study in the University of Auckland, supported by the joint programme of UOA and China scholarship council.  

Research | Current

My research concerns the fundamental question in biology: Why do organisms aging? How the biotic and abiotic factors influence the aging process and lifespan? Why there is a sex difference in aging? Particularly, I am interested in how the evolution in sexual selection shapes the longevity of male and female differently.

My current research is using the two spotted spider mite as model organism to investigate how the lifespan of mites both male and female are affected by  dietary restriction,  interaction between sex, and  environmental stress.


Areas of expertise

Aging and lifespan

condition-depandent aging

sex difference in lifespan and aging

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Member, Systemtic and applied acarology society

member, Acarological society of America