Mrs Maria Eugenia Guapacha Chamorro

Bachelor of Education in Foreign Languages (English - French) at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. Master's in Arts in English Language teaching methodology at Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia.

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Maria Eugenia Guapacha is a PhD candidate in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education. Her supervisors are Associate Professor Martin East and Doctor Constanza Tolosa. Maria is also Assistant Professor in the School of Language Sciences at Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia)/  She has taught English as a foreign language for 15 years in all educational levels in both public and private sectors.  Her teaching and research interest areas include professional development, Task-based Language Teaching, Computer Assisted Language Learning and Language Learning Strategies.  

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Computer versus Pen-and-Paper Writing: Does the Medium Really Matter?

This comparative inquiry seeks to examine the differences in the writing process, the product and the perceptions of writing of pre-intermediate English as a foreign language university learners when writing on computer and on paper. A quasi-experimental study with a counterbalanced design (two comparable writing tasks in two different conditions) will be implemented with two intact classes.

       Participants in this study will be second year language learners, majoring in a Bachelor of Education in Foreign Languages (English – French), and one or two lecturers of an Integrated Skills in English III course. Data will be gathered through a personal background survey, an online language test, three questionnaires, and two text samples per student. Data will be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively.

       Findings might yield possible differences and potential advantages and disadvantages when writing in both writing environments. This study might provide pedagogical implications, contributing to the areas of second language writing teaching, learning and assessment.


Graduate Teaching Assistantship  EDPROFST360

Areas of expertise

Professional development, Task-based Language Teaching, Computer Assisted Language Learning and Language Learning Strategies.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Guapacha Chamorro, M. E., & Benavidez Paz, L. H. (2017). Improving Language Learning Strategies and Performance of Pre-Service Language Teachers Through a CALLA-TBLT Model. PROFILE Issues in Teachers' Professional Development, 19 (2), 101-101. 10.15446/profile.v19n2.57581

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New Zealand

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