Dr Mathijs Lucassen

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Mathijs Lucassen, PhD, MHSc(Hons), PGDipHSc (Child and Adolescent Mental Health), BOccThy (Distinction), DipOT (Distinction) is a researcher and an educator. In 2005 he published a book (Child and adolescent mental health in Aotearoa/New Zealand:  An overview) with Professor Sally Merry and Dr Iain Doherty.  In that year he published findings on his investigation into whether a workshop on child and adolescent mental health positively influenced nursing, occupational therapy and social work students’ career intentions.

Mathijs has co-authored reports and several studies with the Adolescent Health Research Group (e.g. a paper entitled “The Health and Well-Being of Transgender High School Students: Results From the New Zealand Adolescent Health Survey (Youth'12)” in 2014).  For his PhD he evaluated a form of computerised cognitive behavioural therapy with sexual minority youth with depressive symptoms.  He was a research fellow and lecturer in the Department of Psychological Medicine.  He was also the study manager for a randomised controlled trial of MATCH (Modular Approach to Therapy Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma-related symptoms and Conduct issues) in outpatient child and adolescent mental health services. He is currently a senior lecturer in mental health at The Open University in the UK.  

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Waterhouse, P., Samra, R., & Lucassen, M. (2020). Mental distress and its relationship to distance education students' work and family roles. DISTANCE EDUCATION10.1080/01587919.2020.1821606
  • Mavoa, S., Lucassen, M., Denny, S., Utter, J., Clark, T., & Smith, M. (2019). Natural neighbourhood environments and the emotional health of urban New Zealand adolescents. Landscape and Urban Planning, 191.10.1016/j.landurbplan.2019.103638
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Terryann Clark, Melody Smith
  • Fenaughty, J., Lucassen, M., Denny, S., & Clark, T. (2019). Academic achievement for sexual and gender minority and heterosexual cisgender students: What is significant in Aotearoa New Zealand. Paper presented at 2019 Inclusive Education Summit, Kohia Centre, University of Auckland. 25 October - 27 October 2019.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: John Fenaughty, Terryann Clark
  • Fenaughty, J., Lucassen, M. F. G., Clark, T., & Denny, S. (2019). Factors Associated with Academic Achievement for Sexual and Gender Minority and Heterosexual Cisgender Students: Implications from a Nationally Representative Study. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 48 (10), 1883-1898. 10.1007/s10964-019-01124-w
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: John Fenaughty, Terryann Clark
  • Lucassen, M. F., Guntupalli, A. M., Clark, T., Fenaughty, J., Denny, S., Fleming, T., ... Utter, J. (2019). Body size and weight, and the nutrition and activity behaviours of sexual and gender minority youth: findings and implications from NewZealand. Public health nutrition, 22 (13), 2346-2356. 10.1017/s1368980019001149
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Terryann Clark, John Fenaughty, Melody Smith
  • Chiang, S.-Y., Fenaughty, J., Lucassen, M. F. G., & Fleming, T. (2019). Navigating double marginalisation: migrant Chinese sexual and gender minority young people's views on mental health challenges and supports. Culture, health & sexuality, 21 (7), 807-821. 10.1080/13691058.2018.1519118
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: John Fenaughty
  • Lucassen, M., Samra, R., Iacovides, I., Fleming, T., Shepherd, M., Stasiak, K., & Wallace, L. (2018). How LGBT+ Young People Use the Internet in Relation to Their Mental Health and Envisage the Use of e-Therapy: Exploratory Study. JMIR serious games, 6 (4)10.2196/11249
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Karolina Stasiak
  • Chiang, S.-Y., Fleming, T., Lucassen, M. F. G., Fouche, C., & Fenaughty, J. (2018). From secrecy to discretion: The views of psychological therapists on supporting Chinese sexual and gender minority young people. CHILDREN AND YOUTH SERVICES REVIEW, 93, 307-314. 10.1016/j.childyouth.2018.08.005
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Christa Fouche, John Fenaughty

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