Dr Mark Hope Oliver

PhD, MSc (Hons), BSc

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Senior Research Fellow


Masters in gastrointestinal physiology of ruminants (Waikato University). PhD at Auckland on the topic of fetal growth physiology. Mark's current scientific focus is on the consequences of an altered environment before and during pregnancy on maternal adaption to pregnancy and postnatal physiology, growth and health of the offspring.

Other areas of active research involvement include the treatment of intrauterine growth restriction and postnatal outcomes, preterm birth and its consequences, maternal behaviour.

Mark was primarily responsible for the establishment, ongoing development and management of the Liggins Institute. Initially this included operations, but is now more focused on the development of biomedical and production animal research activities.

He is also involved in animal health and welfare research. He was a former double-term member of The University of Auckland Animal Ethics Committee.

Affiliations and collaborations:

  • External collaborator for the Strategic Research Centre for Fetal Programming, Danish Strategic Research Council
  • Collaborations with research groups at AgResearch, Massey University, Manchester University, Landcorp Farming Ltd
  • Commercial research interests managed in conjunction with UniServices Ltd

Personal quote:

“In my research I always look for synergies between biomedical, production and animal health and welfare. I am uniquely qualified to work between these research platforms and am always keen to form new collaborations.”


Research | Current

  • Maternal environment and its effect on postnatal disease in the offspring
  • Intrauterine growth restriction
  • Health, welfare and nutrition during pregnancy (sheep and cattle)
  • Prematurity
  • Specialised nutrition for pregnant and young, growing ruminants

Research theme:

Major research funding:

  • Principal Investigator on NRCGD Major Project
  • Associate Investigator on HRC Programme Grant
  • UniServices Ltd commercial project grants (2 active)
  • Uniservices Ltd commercial consultancy (1 active)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)