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I have a medical degree summa cum laude, a masters degree in clinical epidemiology, and a doctorate in pancreatology. My training included a fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard Medical School). I joined the academic staff of the University of Auckland as a lecturer in 2008 and, following four successful applications for promotion, advanced to become a full professor with tenure. 

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According to the bibliometric analysis of peer-reviewed literature on pancreatitis in Web of Science from 2015 to 2019 (Medicine 2020;99:e23208), I am on both the top 20 list of most prolific authors (#3, panel A in the figure below) and the top 20 list of most cited authors (#6, panel B in the figure below) in the field. Further, of the 4 people on both lists, I am the only one outside of the United States. Read here.




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  • Therapeutic implications of oxidative stress in acute and chronic pancreatitis. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care 2010; 13: 562-568. Read here.

Postgraduate supervision

Expressions of interest are welcome from prospective honours, masters, and PhD students. Both domestic and international candidates are encouraged to submit their expressions of interest. Successful candidates will be offered the opportunity to conduct world-class research in the COSMOS group.

Galvanised by the studying, training, and living experiences in various parts of the world (North America, Europe, Africa, Australasia), I founded the COSMOS group in 2012. The group focuses on translational, clinical, and epidemiological research at the interfaces between pancreatic diseases, metabolic derangements, nutrition and gut function. COSMOS strives to be diverse, inclusive, and culturally sensitive. It espouses the principles of equity to create meaningful learning experiences for all members of the group. COSMOS fosters powerful and potentially world-changing collaborations built on innovative ideas that occur at the intersections of disciplines, fields, and cultures.


  • MIMOSA - MIld to MOderate acute pancreatitis: randomised trial of naSogastric tube feeding versus pAncreas rest
  • DORADO - Diabetes: pathOphysiology and Risk fActors after an episoDe Of acute pancreatitis
  • PICTOR - Patient Initiated and ConTrolled Oral Refeeding in acute pancreatitis: randomised controlled trial
  • LACERTA - LongitudinAl prospective Cohort study of mEtabolism afteR acuTe pAncreatitis
  • MENSA - Mixed mEal toleraNce teSting in pAncreatitis
  • CORVUS - ChrOnic pancReatitis: prospectiVe sUrveillance Study
  • NORMA - Nationwide epidemiOlogy of pancReatic and Metabolic diseAses
  • ARIES - Analytic moRphomics In pancrEatic diSeases
  • CETUS - Cross-over randomisEd Trial of beta-hydroxybUtyrate in prediabeteS
  • ANDROMEDA - Assessment of Nutritional and DietaRy factOrs in MEtabolic Disorders after pAancreatitis


Student: Stephanie Das

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Student: Sharanya Sankaran

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Student: Jaelim Cho

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Read article 1 here. Read article 2 here.


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Student: Jaelim Cho

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Student: Ammar Alsamarrai

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Student: Zhiyong Dong

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Student: Jaelim Cho

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Student: Sakina Bharmal

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Student: Ruma Singh

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Student: Landy Wu

Journal: British Journal of Surgery

Impact factor: 5.7

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NOTABLE COSMOS ALUMNI (in alphabetical order):

ABDILE, Ahmed: BMedSc(Hons) with First Class Honours; Fowlds Memorial Prize (University of Auckland)

ABUNAHEL, Bassam: University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

AL MAMARI, Abdullah: BMedSc(Hons) with First Class Honours

ALSAMARRAI, Ammar: Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia

BEVAN, Melody: Top Student of the Year Award (Dietitians New Zealand); MHSc with First Class Honours

BHARMAL, Sakina: MBiomedSc with First Class Honours; University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

CERVANTES, Aya: MHSc with First Class Honours

CHAND, Shayal: Ralph and Eve Seelye Postgraduate Scholarship; MHSc with First Class Honours

CHO, Jaelim: University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship; Travel Scholarship (The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology); Dean of Graduate Studies List (Dean's List); Top Publication by a Doctoral Student (School of Medicine)

DAS, Stephanie: MMedSc with First Class Honours

DeSOUZA, Steve: Wallath Prize (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences); John Hamel MacGregor Award in Medical Science

GILLIES, Nicola: Ralph and Eve Seelye Postgraduate Scholarship; MHSc with First Class Honours; University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

GOLD-SMITH, Fuchsia: Education grant (Korean Society of Neurogastroenterolgy and Motility); MHSc with First Class Honours

GOODGER, Rachel: MHSc with First Class Honours

JIVANJI, Chirag: MHSc with First Class Honours; Fowlds Memorial Prize (University of Auckland); Young Achiever Award (Dietitians New Zealand)

KIMITA, Wandia: Dean’s International Doctoral Scholarship (FMHS)

KO, Juyeon: University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

MCKENZIE, Sarah: Top Student of the Year Award (Dietitians New Zealand); MHSc with First Class Honours

MODESTO, Andre: MHSc with First Class Honours

PENDHARKAR, Sayali: MHSc with First Class Honours; University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship; AASD Investigator Award (Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes)

SINGH, Ruma: Poster of Distinction Award (Asian Pacific Digestive Week Federation)

SOO, Danielle: MHSc with First Class Honours

STUART, Charlotte: BMedSc(Hons) with First Class Honours

WU, Landy: Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust Research Scholarship in Health Sciences; MHSc with First Class Honours

YOON, Harry: Wallath Prize (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences)


COSMOS ALUMNI (by country of origin):








  • Kenneth Warren Fellowship (International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association)
  • Young Investigator Award (International Association of Pancreatology)
  • Rutherford Discovery Fellowship (The Royal Society of New Zealand Te Apārangi)
  • Hamilton Memorial Prize (The Royal Society of New Zealand Te Apārangi)
  • Sir Charles Hercus Fellowship (The Health Research Council of New Zealand)
  • Research Excellence Medal (University of Auckland)
  • Early Career Research Excellence Award (University of Auckland)
  • Butland Award for Early Career Excellence in Teaching (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences)

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Role: Associate Editor
Journal: Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology
Affiliated Society: American College of Gastroenterology
Impact factor: 4.0
Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 32/88 in Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Indexed in PubMed


Role: Editorial Board Member
Journal: Nutrients
Affiliated Societies: Nutrition Society of Australia, Nutrition Society of New Zealand
Impact factor: 4.5
Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 17/89 in Nutrition & Dietetics
Indexed in PubMed


Role: Editorial Board Member
Journal: Pancreatology
Affiliated Society: International Association of Pancreatology
Impact factor: 3.6
Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 36/88 in Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Indexed in PubMed

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