Dr Marjorie Ruth van Roon

PhD, MSc

Research | Current

  • Ecological carrying capacity
  • Integrated catchment management
  • Low-Impact Urban Design and Development
  • Sustainable Development
  • Ecosystem conservation and restoration
  • Ecotoxicity and contamination

Committees/Professional groups/Services


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Maneewan, C., & Van Roon, M. (2017). Challenges in implementing integrated catchment management and sustainable stormwater solutions in Bangkok, Thailand. Water Practice and Technology, 12 (4), 780-789. 10.2166/wpt.2017.085
  • van Roon, M. R. (2017). Justifying water sensitive development: Science informing policy and practice. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6 (4), 21-31. 10.14207/ejsd.2017.v6n4p21
  • van Roon, M. R., Rigold, T. P., & Dixon, J. (2016). SEA Planning Responses to Estuarine Cumulative Effects of Watershed Urbanisation. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 18 (2)10.1142/S1464333216500125
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/32458
  • van Roon, M. R., & Rigold, T. P. (2016). Urban form and WSUD in Auckland residential catchments determine stream ecosystem condition. Paper presented at 9th International Conference on planning and technologies for sustainable management of Water in the City, Lyon, France. 28 June - 1 July 2016. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/32467
  • van Roon, M. R. (2012). Wetlands in The Netherlands and New Zealand: optimising biodiversity and carbon sequestration during urbanisation. Journal of Environmental Management, 101, 143-150. 10.1016/j.jenvman.2011.08.026
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/32454
  • van Roon, M. R. (2011). Water sensitive residential development: Application of LIUDD principles and methods in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. Urban Water Journal, 8 (6), 325-335. 10.1080/1573062X.2011.614695
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/14075
  • van Roon, M. R. (2011). Low Impact Urban Design and Development: Catchment-based structure planning to optimise ecological outcomes. Urban Water Journal, 1-16. 10.1080/1573062X.2011.598172
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/14080
  • Van Roon, M. R. (2010). Low impact urban design and development: ecological efficacy as a basis for strategic planning and its implementation University of Auckland. University of Auckland.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/16563

Contact details

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Level 6, Room 624
New Zealand