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PhD Psychology University of Auckland

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I am a Canadian born New Zealander - a citizen of both countries.  During my time living in New Zealand, I've spent years in many places, from the very South of the South Island, to the tip of the North.  I've also explored the mountains and prairies of Canada, and I love New York City.  I've been studying psychology for decades, first in Canada, and more recently in New Zealand. I'm also a registered Psychotherapist, and work with creative and out-of-the-box adults around the world.  My research and teaching interests reflect my broad curiousity about life and the world, as well as my passion for a more socially just world.

Research | Current

For the past few years I've been examining the construct of 'giftedness' as it applies to adults.  That work led me to explore how researchers and clinicians around the world have understood the construct of 'gifted', how they research, and also how clinicians approach their work.  

My current interests extend from that.  I'm asking questions about creativity, complex thinking and intensity - how those manifest in adults' lives and social interactions, and how they are construed in different cultures and environments.  

Teaching | Current

Over the past few years I've been working with the Science Scholars Programme at the University of Auckland.

I am also teaching Psych 769:  A Critical Lens on Developmental Psychology.

Postgraduate supervision

Currently co-supervising a PhD student in Dance Movement Therapy


PhD - Dean's List, University of Auckland, School of Psychology

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship



Areas of expertise

Giftedness; Creativity; Clinical Practise in Psychotherapy; Mindfulness; Creative Arts and Wellbeing; Socially Just Research;  Qualitative Methodology; Neurorehabilitation; Rehabilitation Psychology; Interdisciplinary Research

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SCIENCE CENTRE 302 - Bldg 302
Level 2, Room 237
New Zealand

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