Dr Mike Trevor Cooling

BCom(Hons) BSc PhD GradDipSci

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Mike has a background in Computer Science, Information Systems and Biology. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce (1st Class Honours) in Management Science and Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Auckland, he went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma of Science in Biological Sciences, and a PhD in Bioengineering.

He leads the Systems Biomedicine Group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, conducting research in computational physiology, synthetic biology and modularity.

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Mike is driven by a desire to understand how cells work. He is particularly interested in signal transduction: from hormone or mechanical stimulation on the outside of the cell to changes in gene regulation on the inside.

These systems are so complex that only a few functions at a time can be examined experimentally, hence Mike employs Systems Biology techniques - using mathematical modelling to build and analyse 'in silico' replicas of cell function.

He also combines interests in semantic annotation, modularity and reuse to develop methodologies, databases and software tools to advance the field of computational model construction.

He is also interested in the emerging Synthetic Biology field, where biology is considered in some sense as a programmable resource, and has developed reusable modelling methods that combine important aspects of both Synthetic and Systems Biology.

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Please visit the Systems Biomedicine Group to read more about Dr Cooling's research interests.


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BIOMENG 261      Tissue and Molecular Engineering

INFOSYS 321       Enterprise Systems

ENGGEN 131        Introduction to Engineering Computation and Software Development (Tutor)

BIOMENG 361      Tissue and Molecular Engineering



BIOMENG 361      Tissue and Molecular Engineering


  • Aotearoa Foundation Research Fellow, 2014.
  • Annual Prize in Management Science and Information Systems, University of Auckland, 1996.
  • Senior Prize, Computer Science Department, University of Auckland, 1996.
  • New Zealand Computer Society Prize, Faculty of Commerce, University of Auckland, 1996.

Note, the Faculty of Commerce is now the Business School.

Areas of expertise

  • Systems Biology
  • Systems Biomedicine
  • Computational Physiology
  • Information Systems

Committees/Professional groups/Services

2013-    CellML Editorial Board

2011-     Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery, Associate Investigator

2010-     International Society for Computational Biology (invited professional member)

2007-     Biophysical Society

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Level 6, Room 639
New Zealand

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