Professor Michael Kingsley

BPhEd, Otago; MSc, Loughborough; PGCE, Wales; PhD, Wales

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Professor Michael Kingsley is Head of the Department of Exercise Sciences and Research Director for Holsworth Research Initiative at La Trobe University. He is an Accredited Exercise Scientist (ESSA) and held British Association of Sports Sciences (BASES) Accreditation as a Sport & Exercise Scientist (Physiology - research). 

Prior to this appointment, he was the Discipline Lead for Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology at La Trobe University (Australia) and inaugural Portfolio Director for Sport & Exercise Science at Swansea University (UK).

Research | Current

Professor Kingsley has published over a hundred peer-reviewed publications in sports medicine, sport and exercise science, nutrition and medical journals. These publications have disseminated research in the following fields: lifestyle interventions and health, exercise-induced oxidative stress, heart rate variability analysis, applied nutritional supplementation, and power analysis in professional athletes.

With collaborators from a wide range of disciplines, which include Engineering, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Psychology and Information Technologies, Professor Kingsley has successfully obtained external funding in excess of STG: 5M. This funding has included national competitive grants (Australian NHMRC, Welsh Assembly Government, National Health Service, Local Education Authority, Diabetes UK), philanthropic support (Bendigo Tertiary Education Anniversary Foundation, Renal Society), and commissioned research for commercial groups (Australia Post, Laerdal ltd, The Sugar Bureau, Hi5 Ltd), and professional / semi-professional sports teams (including: Welsh Rugby Union, Ospreys Rugby Football Club, Swansea Rugby Football Club, Aberavon Rugby Football Club, Swansea City Football Club, and AFL Victoria).

His current research focus includes: (i) influence of exercise and lifestyle interventions on cardiometabolic function in athletes and patients with chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease, (ii) effects of nutritional and exercise interventions on oxidative stress, inflammation and cognitive function, and (iii) the application of wearable sensors to monitor exercise intensity and volume.

Teaching | Current

Professor Kingsley currently supervises research students at Hons, Masters and PhD levels.

Postgraduate supervision

As an experienced postgraduate supervisor (16 completions and 9 current students), Professor Kingsley has supervised student completions at PhD, MPhil and MSc programme levels. 


Head, Department of Exercise Sciences

Director, La Trobe Holsworth Research Initiative

Areas of expertise

Professor Michael Kingsley's expertise lies in the measurement and evaluation of physiological responses to stress and this work is published in leading medical, nutrition, public health, psychological, and sports medicine journals. His research group aims to optimise performance for all individuals by stepping up to address the global challenges of inactivity and chronic disease, and enabling sports people to perform at a higher level and compete more successfully. His research group empowers more people to exercise more effectively in order to live longer and stronger.​

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Professor Kingsley is a Course Accreditation Reviewer with Exercise & Sports Science Australia and a Scientific Committee Member for Sports Medicine Australia Annual Conferences (2018, 2019).

He is an Editorial Board member of four international journals (Nutrition, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Sports, and Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport) and regularly reviewing for numerous scholarly journals, grant providers and institutions.

Professor Michael Kingsley also serves as a panel member for NHMRC, an advisor for the NHS Research Priorities Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme, UKRI Future Leadership Fellowships, Romanian National Council for Scientific Research, and Commonwealth Scholarship schemes. 

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Shambrook, P., Kingsley, M. I., Taylor, N. F., Wundersitz, D. W., Wundersitz, C. E., & Gordon, B. A. (2020). Multiple short bouts of exercise are better than a single continuous bout for cardiometabolic health: a randomised crossover trial. European journal of applied physiology, 120 (11), 2361-2369. 10.1007/s00421-020-04461-y
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  • Macdonald, E. M., Perrin, B. M., & Kingsley, M. I. C. (2020). Factors influencing Australian podiatrists' behavioural intentions to adopt a smart insole into clinical practice: a mixed methods study. Journal of foot and ankle research, 13 (1)10.1186/s13047-020-00396-x
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  • Staunton, C., Wundersitz, D., Gordon, B., & Kingsley, M. (2020). Discrepancies Exist between Exercise Prescription and Dose in Elite Women's Basketball Pre-Season. Sports (Basel, Switzerland), 8 (5).10.3390/sports8050070
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