Dr Oleg Medvedev

BA (Psychology), BHS (Honours), PhD, Auckland University of Technology


Oleg is a Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre of Medical and Health Sciences Education (CMHSE) at the University of Auckland. His research work focuses on assessment of health-related outcomes and abilities covering wide range of areas including medicine, psychology and education. He has completed PhD degree in Health and Psychology at the Auckland University of Technology, which focused on application of modern statistical methods such as Generalisability Theory and Item Response Theory/Rasch analysis to evaluate and improve accuracy of health-outcome measurement in research and clinical practice. 

Oleg has lectured for undergraduate and postgraduate papers including Advanced Research, Psychological Assessment, Health Psychology, Brain and Behaviour and other Research Methods and Psychology papers. He is a current and active member of the Outcomes and Measurement Cluster of the Centre for Person Centred Research (PCRC) and Research Associate at the Auckland University of Technology.

Research | Current

Oleg's research focuses on health psychology, psychometrics and measurement. He is investigating physiological and psychological mechanisms that can be utilised as drug free treatments for physical and psychological health conditions and for improvement of health and well-being. Oleg applies modern psychometrics and statistics to analyse clinical and non-clinical datasets and to identify and evaluate important predictors of physical and psychological health, patient safety and well-being. His work naturally involves development and improvement of psychometric outcome measurement.

Areas of expertise

Health Psychology, Health Measurement, Rehabilitation Medicine, Psychological Resilience, Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Statistics, Generalisability Theory, Psycholmetrics, Classical Test Theory, Item Response Theory, Rasch analysis, Psychological Assessment, Education Measurement, Surgical Safety

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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89 GRAFTON RD - Bldg 534
Level G, Room G02
New Zealand