Dr Priyanka Alok Agarwal

B. Pharm, PGDipHSc, PhD


Priyanka Agarwal is an innovative pharmaceutical professional with extensive industrial research experience in formulation development and pharmacokinetics. She has completed her B.Pharm from the University of Mumbai, India and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (School of Pharmacy) from the University of Auckland. Her PhD in Ophthalmology focusing on ocular drug delivery was obtained from the University of Auckland and has been cited in the Dean's list (2018) for excellence in doctoral research. Priyanka has extensive experience in the industrial setting and has worked for several years as a  Veterinary Formulation Development Scientist. Her focus has primarily been on developing innovative new platforms for safe and efficient drug delivery. Currently, Priyanka is working as a Research Fellow in the School of Pharmacy, University of Auckland

Research | Current

-Development of topical formulations for ocular drug delivery

-Development of shelf-stable sutained release implants


  • Citation in Dean's List for Excellence in Doctoral Research (2018)
  • Award for 3 Min Presentation, NZ-Aus Controlled Release Scoiety (2017)
  • Winner of Poster Prize of the scientific section of Cornea/Ocular Surface, European Association for Vision and Eye Research (2016)
  • Travel Fellowship Award, International Society for Eye Research (2016)
  • Post Graduate Student Association Travel Grant (2015)
  • Novaliq GmbH Masters and PhD Scholarship (2015)
  • Dulcie Bowman Scholarship (2015)
  • Kate Edger's Charitable Trust Master's Degree Award (2015)

Areas of expertise

Drug Delivery and Formulation Development

Ocular Drug Delivery

High Performance Liquid Chromatography


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Svirskis, D., Procter, G., Sharma, M., Bhusal, P., Dravid, A., MacFater, W., ... Sreebhavan, S. (2020). A non-opioid analgesic implant for sustained post-operative intraperitoneal delivery of lidocaine, characterized using an ovine model. Biomaterials, 26310.1016/j.biomaterials.2020.120409
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Anusha Dravid, Darren Svirskis, Manisha Sharma, Laura Bennet, Satya Amirapu, Jacqueline Hannam, Andrew Hill
  • Svirskis, D., Jaffer, J., Agarwal, P., Khan, A., Kaur, J., Cheng, A., & Hanning, S. (2020). Alcohol-free Extemporaneous Formulations of Furosemide Are Chemically and Physically Stable in Ora-Blend Products for 30 Days. International journal of pharmaceutical compounding, 24 (3), 246-251.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Darren Svirskis, Sara Hanning
  • Agarwal, P., Craig, J. P., Krösser S, Eickhoff, K., Swift, S., & Rupenthal, I. D. (2019). Topical semifluorinated alkane-based azithromycin suspension for the management of ocular infections. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V, 142, 83-91. 10.1016/j.ejpb.2019.06.008
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ilva Rupenthal, Jennifer Craig, Simon Swift
  • Agarwal, P., Khun, D., Krösser S, Eickhoff, K., Wells, F. S., Willmott, G. R., ... Rupenthal, I. D. (2019). Preclinical studies evaluating the effect of semifluorinated alkanes on ocular surface and tear fluid dynamics. The ocular surface, 17 (2), 241-249. 10.1016/j.jtos.2019.02.010
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ilva Rupenthal, Jennifer Craig, Geoff Willmott
  • Agarwal, P., Scherer, D., Günther B, & Rupenthal, I. D. (2018). Semifluorinated alkane based systems for enhanced corneal penetration of poorly soluble drugs. International journal of pharmaceutics, 538 (1-2), 119-129. 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2018.01.019
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ilva Rupenthal
  • Agarwal, P., Huang, D., Thakur, S. S., & Rupenthal, I. D. (2018). Nanotechnology for ocular drug delivery. In A. Grumezescu (Ed.) Design of Nanostructures for Versatile Therapeutic Applications (pp. 137-188). Oxford, UK: Elsevier. 10.1016/B978-0-12-813667-6.00004-8
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Sachin Thakur, Ilva Rupenthal
  • Agarwal, P., & Rupenthal, I. D. (2016). In vitro and ex vivo corneal penetration and absorption models. Drug delivery and translational research, 6 (6), 634-647. 10.1007/s13346-015-0275-6
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ilva Rupenthal
  • Agarwal, P., & Rupenthal, I. D. (2016). Modern approaches to the ocular delivery of cyclosporine A. Drug discovery today, 21 (6), 977-988. 10.1016/j.drudis.2016.04.002
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ilva Rupenthal


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