Dr Ross Gordon Jenner

BA(hons) Otago, BArch(hons) UoA, MS & PhD University of Pennslylvania


Ross Jenner teaches architectural design, history and theory at the University of Auckland. He has practised in the UK, Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand. He has taught at universities in Australia and the U.S. He holds an MS and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania supervised by Joseph Rykwert on Italian Modernism. He was designer of Auckland’s winning Venice Prize at the Biennale di Venezia, 1991, Commissioner for the prizewinning New Zealand Section of the XIX Triennale di Milano, 1996, was an initiator, and remains an executive editor, of the journal Interstices (http://interstices.ac.nz/). Having exhibited and published in the US, UK, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, he is currently working on a  on Italian architecture between Futurism and Rationalism, architectural pedagogy and anthropology, as well as publishing on modes of materiality in contemporary architecture.

Research | Current

  • The reception of Classical Architecture in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from J.B. Fischer von Erlach to Adolf Loos.
  • An investigation of how discussion of Maori artefacts and practices were first conceptualized, represented and evaluated relative to architecture by European theorists in the 19th century, contemporary versions of the face, its Nachleben (afterlife) in the between of Pacific and Western knowledges in Rewi Thompson's house (1985) alongside Patrik Schumacher's "Parametric Patterns" (2009).
  • The agency of architecture in changing the world by acting on emotions rather than by articulating sense, logic, or construction.
  • Modern Italian architecture, particularly Giuseppe Terragni's projects for Rome and Futurist understandings of 'atmosphere'.
  •  Iberian Modes of making emptiness by subtraction: created by stereotomy: carving, removal, clearing, focusing on Heidegger, Valente, Chillida, Oteiza, de la Sota, Campo and Aires Mateus as compared to modernist practices of tectonics: addition, armiture framing and junction.

Teaching | Current

Advanced Design 1, "Architecture and Silence" an investigation of Octavio Paz's proposition that as “Music invents silence, Architecture invents space”

Introduction to Architectural Theory, Archhtc 236

Topics in Architectural Theory, Archgen711, 4th year seminar.

Postgraduate supervision

Current Ph.D. Supervision:

Principal supervisions:

Anthony Brand: “Haptic Architecture.”

Vikrant Sing: “Charles Correa: Phenomenology and Post-Colonialism.”

Tom Owen, “Phenomenology and Architecture.”

Bryleigh Morsink, "Commercial Architecture in New Zealand: 1900-1971."


Matthew Bradbury, “Stormwater Remediations and Waterfront Design.”

Carl Douglas, AUT University, "Strange Agencies: Infrastructure and Projective Drawing."

Raja Jusmartinah, "Malled Kampungs as New Urban Elements in the Transitions of Public Life in Public Spaces in Surabaya."

Eva Kourteva, "Neverending Digital Form Production and Architectural Creative Practice."

Tracy Tian Xin, "The Civic Integrated Megamall Enclosure as a Rising Component in Rapidly Developing Chinese Cities."

PhDs Completed

Principal Supervisions:

Adrian Yat Wai Lo, “Eisenman’s House of Guards: The Paradox of the Interstitial Trace.”

Faida Noori Salim, “The Impact of Globalization on Architecture and Architectural Ethics.” 2010

Rodney Barnett, “The One and the Many: Nature in Landscape Architecture,” 2006.


Albert Refiti, AUT University. “The Spatial Exposition of Samoan architecture,” 2015.

Zhang Lei “Building beyond Aestheticization: A Benjaminian Study,” 2009.

Research MArchs Completed:

Sudeh Soleymani Ashtiani, “On wood: timber and phenomenology: four contemporary case studies.” First Class Honours, 2016.

Alia Abed Ali “On Velimir Xlebnikov’s Cosmic Constructivism: Magic and Mathematics... Zaum.... Shadows of Other Worlds,” First Class Honours, 2014.

Bruce Moa, The Beginning of Tu’i Tonga Architecture,”  First Class Honours, 2011.

Semisi Potauaine, ”Tectonic of the Fale”, First Class Honours, 2011.

Anthony Geck, “Henry Kulka: Small Spaces,”  First Class Honours, 2011.

James Ho, “Two houses by Henry Kulka,” 2011.

Sarah Stuart, “Vague Image House,”  First Class Honours, 2010.

Amelia Haughey, “The Ruined Park: An Integration into Existing City Fabric,”  First Class Honours, 2010.

Hao Lin, “Architecture and the Movement Image,”  First Class Honours, 2008.

Isabelle Sun, “Objects, Collection and Architecture,” First Class Honours, 2007.

Simon Chui, “The shape of a viable future – the necessary infrastructures for drastically reducing waste and consumption,” First Class Honours, 2007.

Philippe Campays, “The Sacred in the Abode,” 2000.

Kirk Wooller, “Architectural Drawing,” 1997.

Gregory Bowron, “New Zealand International Exhibitions,” First Class Honours, 1994.

Bruce Petry, “The Public Architecture of Gummer and Ford,” 1992.

Nigel Ryan, “A Review of the Function of Perspective in the Formation of the City in the Quattrocento,” 1988.

Current MArch(Prof):

Shujun Liu, "Collective Container Apartments for Students."

Claire Darwin, "The New 'Beach House'."

MArch (Prof) Completed:

Mosese Fifita, "Kava, Intersection between the Vaka and the Fale," 2016.

Marko Petreski, "The Architecture of Music," 2016.

Rameka Alexander-Tu'inukuafe, "Te Whare Tapu o Ngāpuhi; An architectural response to taonga revitalization", First Class Honours, 2015.

Sarah Tui'nukuafe, "A New Oceania: Pacific perceptions", First Class Honours, 2015.

Justine Maxwell,  "Samoan Cultural Centre, Apia," First Class Honours, 2015.

Meng Meng (Alice) Liu “Architecture in Movement”, First Class Honours, 2014.

Roslyn Cheong, “Care in Place: A Paradigm Shift of the Local Hospital," 2013.

John Ho Sung Yoo, “Metropolis within a Necropolis.” 2013.

Da Eun Lee, "Cinematic Promenade: The Uncanny Encounters of the City," 2013.

Paul Joseph Lelieveld, "Atmospheres: An Exploration into the Perception of Architectural Context," First Class Honours, 2013. 

Sean Bian, "The Survival of Urban Culture through Architecture & Urban Design in the Contemporary Chinese City," 2012

Melissa Bennett, "Vitruvius' Vestigium," 2012.

Krupa Patel, "National Centre for Culture and the Arts in Fiji," 2012.

Daniel Aleman, “Ecclesia: a re-interpretation of the church,”  2012.

Elizabeth Tjahjana, "The Poesis of Place: Movement through Montage," First Class Honours, 2011.

Adelle Hamond, “Total Immersion,” First Class Honours, 2009



Member of the Postgraduate Committee


Executive Editor and Issue Editor of Interstices, Journal of Architecture and Related Arts  http://interstices.ac.nz/  1990-

Convenor of Interstices 19 (Under Construction) symposium "Surface – Pattern: a pursuit of material narratives". June 2017.

Areas of expertise

Architectural History

Architectural Theory

Modernism in Italian Architecture

Materiality in Architecture and Theory

Architectural Pedagogy

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Jenner, G. R. (2016). Production of site and site of production: Herzog & de Meuron's Schaulager and Zumthor's Feldkapelle. arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, 20 (4), 313-323. 10.1017/S1359135517000033
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/34571
  • Jenner, G. R. (2016). Airs and solids : Aires mateus. In P. Leardini, M. Aires Mateus, J. Silva (Eds.) On the other edge : 15 projects for Fort Takapuna (pp. 24-31). Ladispoli (Rome): Deleyva Editore.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/35068
  • Jenner, G. R. (2016). Building meeting grounds. Knowledge Cultures, 4 (1), 25-42.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/34546
  • Jenner, G. R. (2013). Thought out of bounds: Theory and practice in architecture doctorates. In A. C. H. R. Engels-Schwarzpaul, M. A. Peters (Eds.) Of other thoughts: Non-traditional ways to the doctorate: A guidebook for candidates and supervisors (pp. 203-220). Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei: Sense.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/40232
  • Jenner, G. R. (2011). Iterstices. 20/20 : editorial takes on architectural discourse (pp. 253-262). London: Architectural Association Publications.
  • Jenner, G. R. (2011). Inner Poverty: A setting of Peter Zumthor's Brother Klaus Field Chapel. Interstices: Journal of Architecture and related Arts, 12, 33-47.
  • Jenner, G. R. (2010). Lordship and Servitude, Ornament and the Particular in The Stones of Venice. In K. Hanley, E. Sdegno (Eds.) Ruskin, Venice and Nineteenth-Century Cultural Travel (pp. 251-268). Venice: Università Ca’ Foscari.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/17295
  • Jenner, R. (2007). The politics and enchantments of interpenetration: Albini and Terragni via Benjamin. Journal of Architecture, 12 (5), 499-523. 10.1080/13602360701722517
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/16356

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