Dr Rexson Tse

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Tse, R., Kesha, K., Morrow, P., Glenn, C., & Stables, S. (2020). Commentary on: Kenneally M, Byard RW. Increasing methamphetamine detection in cases of early childhood fatalities. J Forensic Sci 10.1111/1556-4029.14321. Epub 2020 Mar 23. Journal of forensic sciences, 65 (4)10.1111/1556-4029.14459
  • Loper, N., O'Connor K, Milne, D., Kesha, K., Stables, S., Morrow, P., ... Tse, R. (2020). Assessment of the heart displacement between prone and supine position on post mortem computed tomography (PMCT). Forensic Imaging, 21.10.1016/j.fri.2020.200370
  • Kutschera, L., Babian, C., Tse, R., Dreßler J, & Ondruschka, B. (2020). Exsanguination from iatrogenic puncture of arteriovenous fistula. Forensic science, medicine, and pathology, 16 (2), 379-380. 10.1007/s12024-019-00194-3
  • Loper, N., Garland, J., Ondruschka, B., Glenn, C., Kesha, K., Stables, S., & Tse, R. (2020). Significant Differences in PostMortem Heart Weight Before and After Dissection Using the Short-Axis Dissecting Method. Journal of forensic sciences10.1111/1556-4029.14451
  • Mathew, S., Kesha, K., Stables, S., Morrow, P., Glenn, C., & Tse, R. (2020). Ruptured Esophageal Varices From Metastatic Tumor in the Liver: A Case Report and Brief Review of Literature. The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology, 41 (1), 75-77. 10.1097/paf.0000000000000516
  • Garland, J., Loper, N., Philcox, W., Ondruschka, B., Kesha, K., Stables, S., ... Tse, R. (2019). Black Duodenum in Fatal Diabetic Ketoacidosis. The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology10.1097/paf.0000000000000532
  • Sun, D. F., Kangaharan, N., Costello, B., Nicholls, S. J., Emdin, C. A., Tse, R., ... Mahajan, R. (2019). Epicardial and subcutaneous adipose tissue in Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals: Implications for cardiometabolic diseases. Obesity research & clinical practice10.1016/j.orcp.2019.12.001
  • Garland, J., Philcox, W., McCarthy, S., Mathew, S., Hensby-Bennett, S., Ondrushka, B., ... Lam, L. (2019). Postmortem Tryptase Level in 120 Consecutive Nonanaphylactic Deaths: Establishing a Reference Range as<23 μg/L. The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology, 40 (4), 351-355. 10.1097/paf.0000000000000515

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