Dr Subeh Chowdhury

BE(Hons) (Civil and Environmental Engineering), PhD, PG Certificate in Academic Teaching


Subeh has a long history with the Faculty of Engineering by completing both her Bachelor of Engineering degree and her Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Auckland. She is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Prior to joining the faculty as a staff, Subeh worked for two Engineering consults, Opus and Beca for a combined period of 3 years. Her role in the industry was related to road safety, having worked on minor safety projects, speed analysis and crash reduction studies. She uses her practical experience for the 3rd year transport course she teaches and coordinates. 

Subeh specialises in travel behaviour of Public Transport riders. She has a number of papers in reputable journals and has been a frequent attendee of Transportation Research Annual Meeting (TRB). Her research focuses on policy making of Integrated Public Transport systems, and designs of transfers. She has a strong interest in equity. Her research also focuses on women's barriers to the use of public transport, in particular their perception of safety. Under her guidance, one of her PhD student completed his study on people with disabilities and their use of public transport.  

Her interest for transport equity can also be found in her teaching. She is a passionate teacher for sustainable transport. She teaches 3rd and 4th year courses along with Masters courses. Subeh works along side her PhD students to ensure their success. Currently she saw to completion two PhD students under her guidance as main supervisor. 

Along with her research work, Subeh also reviews papers and has been a guest editor for journals. She has also co-chaired topic streams for the Australian Transport Research Forum (ATRF). At a faculty level, Subeh is the Faculty's Ethics Advisor. 

Subeh has a strong interest to continue her link with the industry and welcomes collaborative projects. She is also available as a consultant. 




Research | Current

  • Women's issues in transportation;

  • Transport equity;

  • Use of VR/AR for bicycle usage;

  • Public transport (policy, operation and user behaviour);

  • Active modes (walking and cycling);

  • Paratransit.

Teaching | Current

Undergraduate courses:

CIVIL 361 - Transportation Engineering 2 (Lecturer and Course Coordinator)

CIVIL 758 -  Traffic Systems Design (Lecturer)

Civil 705 A/B - Final Year Research Project (Lecturer and co-course coordinator)

Postgradaute courses:

CIVIL 762 - Transportation Planning (Lecturer)

Civil 773 - Sustainable Transport (Lecturer and Course Coordinator)



Postgraduate supervision


  • PhD student (Joint-Supervisor with School of Architecture)
    Thesis title: Inclusion of social justice in public transit planning: Development of a systematic framework for accessibility evaluation.
  • PhD student (Main supervisor)
    Thesis title: Towards an enabled journey: An investigation of the whole journey chain for public transport journeys by people with disabilities. 
  • Two PhD students (co-supervisor).

On-going PhD topics:

  • Pedestrian's risky crossing at unprotected, urban mid-block sections.
  • Equity in bicycle usage by disadvantaged populaiton groups.
  • Women's retention in Engineering firms.
  • The use of shared spaces by cyclist and pedestrians.


  • Early Career Teaching Excellence Award

  • Scholarship to attend the America Walks National Walking Summit

  • Faculty of Teaching Portfolio Development Award, 2015 and 2017.

  • Early Doctoral Completion Award



Member of TRB AP025 (Public Transport) 

Member of Scientic Committee of ATRF 

Faculty and Department:

Faculty Ethics Advisor

Enginuity Day


Areas of expertise

Key topics of interest and expertise:

  • Transport equity;
  • Disadvantaged communites and their access to sustainable transport;
  • Pedestrian use of road space;
  • Public Transport (design, ridership);
  • Women's issues for public transport ridership. 


Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Member of TRB AP025 (Public Transport)
  • Member of ATRF's scientific committee 
  • Faculty Ethics Advisor
  • Enginuity Day
  • Courses and Careers Day
  • CESA (founder)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

As of 29 October 2020 there will be no automatic updating of 'selected publications and creative works' from Research Outputs. Please continue to keep your Research Outputs profile up to date.
  • Chowdhury, S., & van Wee, B. (2020). Examining women's perception of safety during waiting times at public transport terminals. TRANSPORT POLICY, 94, 102-108. 10.1016/j.tranpol.2020.05.009
  • Park, J., Chowdhury, S., & Wilson, D. (2020). Gap between Policymakers' Priorities and Users' Needs in Planning for Accessible Public Transit System. JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING PART A-SYSTEMS, 146 (4)10.1061/JTEPBS.0000321
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Doug Wilson
  • Soathong, A., Wilson, D., Ranjitkar, P., & Chowdhury, S. (2019). A Critical Review of Policies on Pedestrian Safety and a Case Study of New Zealand. SUSTAINABILITY, 11 (19)10.3390/su11195274
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Doug Wilson, Prakash Ranjitkar
  • Adhi, S. N., Chowdhury, S., & Shiftan, Y. (2019). Justice in public transport systems: A comparative study of Auckland, Brisbane, Perth and Vancouver. CITIES, 90, 88-99. 10.1016/j.cities.2019.01.031
  • Chowdhury, S. (2019). Role of Gender in the Ridership of Public Transport Routes Involving Transfers. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2673 (4), 855-863. 10.1177/0361198119837155
  • Park, J., & Chowdhury, S. (2018). Investigating the barriers in a typical journey by public transport users with disabilities. Journal of Transport & Health10.1016/j.jth.2018.05.008
  • Chowdhury, S., Hadas, Y., Gonzalez, V. A., & Schot, B. (2018). Public transport users' and policy makers' perceptions of integrated public transport systems. Transport Policy, 61, 75-83. 10.1016/j.tranpol.2017.10.001
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Vicente Gonzalez
  • Fatmi, M. R., Chowdhury, S., & Habib, M. A. (2017). Life history-oriented residential location choice model: A stress-based two-tier panel modeling approach. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 104, 293-307. 10.1016/j.tra.2017.06.006


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Level 11, Room 1169
New Zealand

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