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Susan is Professor of Lifelong Learning at the Graduate School of Management where she teaches on the MBA programme. Previously she was Director of Learning and Teaching for the Business School and prior to that Director of the University's Centre for Continuing Education. Before joining the University of Auckland Susan was Professor of Organisational Studies, Director of the Centre for Learning and Innovation in Organisations, Director of the Centre for Learning Research, Research Director of the Centre for Learning Development and Deputy Director of the Health Services Research Unit at UK Universities. 

Research | Current

  • Learning technologies
  • Employability and future readiness
  • Transition pedagogies
  • Pedagogies and capability development
  • Academic development
  • Workplace learning
  • Adult learning

Teaching | Current

MBA capstone project

PhD supervision

Postgraduate supervision

I take my supervison responsibilities very seriously and I enjoy working on a range a topics with students. I think establishing a close working relationship and encouraging students to start writing early sets them up for success. I am happy to supervise qualitative and quantitative research.


Principal Fellow of the Higher Eduaction Academy

Fellow of HERDSA

Chartered Psychologist

2017 Leadership in Teaching Award

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Liu, Q., Geertshuis, S., & Grainger, R. (2020). Understanding academics' adoption of learning technologies: A systematic review. COMPUTERS & EDUCATION, 15110.1016/j.compedu.2020.103857
  • Liu, Q., & Geertshuis, S. (2019). Professional identity and the adoption of learning management systems. STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION10.1080/03075079.2019.1647413
  • Geertshuis, S. A. (2019). Slaves to our emotions: Examining the predictive relationship between emotional well-being and academic outcomes. ACTIVE LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 20 (2), 153-166. 10.1177/1469787418808932
  • Geertshuis, S. A., Morrison, R. L., & Cooper-Thomas, H. D. (2015). It’s not what you say, it’s that way that you say it: The mediating effect of upward influencing communications on the relationship between leader-member exchange and performance ratings. International Journal of Business Communication: IJBC, 52 (2), 228-245. 10.1177/2329488415572784
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Helena Cooper Thomas
  • Geertshuis, S., Jung, M., & Cooper-Thomas, H. (2014). Preparing students for higher education: The role of proactivity. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 26 (2), 157-169. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Helena Cooper Thomas
  • Morrison, R. L., Cooper-Thomas, H. D., & Geertshuis, S. A. (2013). When relationships at work, work (and don't work!). European Business Review, 2013 (September-October), 67-71. Related URL.
  • Geertshuis, S. A., Price, M., & Cooper Thomas, H. (2013). Appraisals of self and situation as determinants of upward influencing tactics. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43 (8), 1563-1577. 10.1111/jasp.12106
  • Geertshuis, S., Morrison, R. L., & Cooper-Thomas, H. D. (2013). The influential subordinate: An oxymoron or a daily necessity?. In R. Morrison, H. D. Cooper-Thomas (Eds.) Relationships in organisations: A work psychology perspective (pp. 74-106). Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Helena Cooper Thomas

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