Dr Stephen Phillip Jacobs



  • 2011 - Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine, The University of Auckland. Supervisors: Associate Professor Matthew Parsons, The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, and Associate Professor Paul Rouse, School Business.  Topic: Implementation as a systematic manageable process rather than a Pandora's Box of confusion: Reshaping community home care services for older people.
  • 1993 - The University of Auckland, Papers equivalent to Post Graduate Diploma in  Arts (Psychology): Neuropsychology; Theory and Practice in Clinical Psychology; Health Psychology; Health Promotion for Individuals, Groups and Communities, plus Year 1 Clinical Practice.
  • 1988-1991 - The University of Auckland, Stage III Psychology papers
  • 1984 - The University of Auckland, BA (Education and English); The Auckland College of Education, Diploma of Teaching

Research | Current

Research interests

  • Maintenance or regaining of health, function and wellbeing for older people and people with chronic conditions
  • Service innovation, development and implementation
  • Implementation of evidence into practice
  • Benchmarking and performance management
  • Health leadership

External Research funding

  • Parsons, M., JACOBS, S., Baird, J. (Southland service evaluation) SDHB $98,000.00 2011
  • Parsons, M, JACOBS,S. IN-TOUCH and case Mix analysis, Auckland DHB, $75,000.00, 2010
  • Parsons, M., Rea, H., Pollock, M., Kenealy, T., Parsons, J., JACOBS, S., Jörgensen D., Implementing telemedicine across four DHBs, DHBNZ, $542,000.00, 2009
  • Fouche, C., Clendon, S., Mace, J., Shaw, J., Stewart, L., Jorgensen, D., Kenealy, T., McKenna, B., Grant, A., JACOBS, S., Parsons, J., Parsons, M., Sheridan, N. Educating future health care professionals to support people with chronic conditions to live better and live longer. STAR. $40,000, 2009
  • Parsons, M., JACOBS, S., Parsons, J., Gunderson Reid, M.  IN-TOUCH, Capital Coast DHB, $78,000.00, 2009
  • Parsons, M., JACOBS, S., Parsons, J., Gunderson Reid, M.  IN-TOUCH, Capital Coast DHB, $48,000.00, 2009
  • Parsons, M., Baird, J., JACOBS, S. Review of Care Coordination Centre, Capital Coast DHB, $26,000, 2008
  • Jorgensen, D., Parsons, M., Parsons, J., JACOBS, S. Carers in New Zealand, Faculty Development Research Round, $17,000.00, 2007
  • Parsons, M., Sheridan, N., Baird, J., Wood, P., and JACOBS, S. Tairawhiti older person journey, a review of older person services In Tairawhiti DHB. $90,000, 2007
  • Parsons, M., Gundersen-Reid, M., JACOBS, S., Sickler, M., Parsons, J. IN – TOUCH, a community services benchmarking exercise across 10 DHBs; $80,000, 2007
  • Parsons, M., Kerse, N., JACOBS, S., Brown, P., and Kilpatrick, J. Evaluation of ageing in place initiatives. The Ministry of Health.  $ 853,054, 2003


Senior lecturer.

Co-ordinator, Leadership and Management for Quality Health Care

PhD Advisor for the School of Nursing

Co-ordinator for the BNurs(Hons) Programme

Co-ordinator, Principles of Gerontology

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Co-Director, The Institute of Healthy Ageing

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Parsons, M., Senior, H., Kerse, N., Chen, M.-H., Jacobs, S., & Anderson, C. (2017). Randomised trial of restorative home care for frail older people in New Zealand. Nursing older people, 29 (7), 27-33. 10.7748/nop.2017.e897
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Matthew Parsons, Ngaire Kerse
  • McCardle, R. D. (2016). Classification of Facial Recognition Event Related Potentials: Progress Towards a System to Assist with Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia Patients The University of Auckland. ResearchSpace@Auckland.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/31453
  • Raby, R., Parsons, J., & Jacobs, S. (2014). ABSTRACT 968. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 15, 214-214. 10.1097/01.pcc.0000449694.70237.0a
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: John Parsons
  • Senior, H. E. J., Parsons, M., Kerse, N., Chen, M.-H., Jacobs, S., Hoorn, S. V., & Anderson, C. S. (2014). Promoting independence in frail older people: a randomised controlled trial of a restorative care service in New Zealand. Age Ageing, 43 (3), 418-424. 10.1093/ageing/afu025
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ngaire Kerse, Matthew Parsons
  • Jacobs, S., Rouse, P., & Parsons, M. (2014). Leading change within health services. Leadership in Health Services, 27 (2), 72-86. 10.1108/LHS-10-2012-0033
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Paul Rouse, Matthew Parsons
  • Parsons, M., Parsons, J., & Jacobs, S. (2014). The genesis and impact of the “Ageing-in-Place” policy. In K. Diesfield, I. McIntosh (Eds.) Elder law in New Zealand (pp. 33-59). Auckland, New Zealand: Thompson Reuters.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: John Parsons, Matthew Parsons
  • Parsons, M., Senior, H., Mei-Hu Chen, X., Jacobs, S., Parsons, J., Sheridan, N., & Kenealy, T. (2013). Assessment without action; a randomised evaluation of the interRAI home care compared to a national assessment tool on identification of needs and service provision for older people in New Zealand. Health Soc Care Community, 21 (5), 536-544. 10.1111/hsc.12045
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/23130
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nicolette Sheridan, John Parsons, Matthew Parsons, Timothy Kenealy
  • Parsons, M., Senior, H. E. J., Kerse, N., Chen, M.-H., Jacobs, S., Vanderhoorn, S., ... Anderson, C. (2012). The Assessment of Services Promoting Independence and Recovery in Elders Trial (ASPIRE): a pre-planned meta-analysis of three independent randomised controlled trial evaluations of ageing in place initiatives in New Zealand. Age Ageing, 41 (6), 722-728. 10.1093/ageing/afs113
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ngaire Kerse, Matthew Parsons