Mr Saed Ahmad AbdulKareem Altawabeyeh

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Mutah university, Jordan. 
  • Master's degree in environemtnal and renewable energy engineering, German Jordanian University, Jordan.

After completing his Bachelor's degree in 2012, Saed started working in a petroleum company in Kuwait. He acquired good technical skills in the field of electrical submersible pumps. Then, he returned back to Jordan and worked for the general directorate of gendarmerie, a military body charged with police duties among the civilian population. He gained technical skills in the automotive field as well as personal skills as a military officer. 
During that period, he also started studying a master's degree in environmental and renewable energy engineering. After finishing that degree, he received the New Zealand Development Scholarship which supported him to become a Phd candidate at the University of Auckland. 


Research | Current

  • Engineering design and development.
  • Integrated energy systems. 
  • Engineering modeling and simulation.

I'm interested in the abovementioned fields. Integrated energy systems are essential for the future of renewable energy systems. The main goal is to increase the reliability of renewable energy systems by integrating different solutions in the energy input, conversion, and output. In consideration of the foregoing, one can see that such projects are very dynamic and they require innovativion and intensive coordination between multisiciplinary teams in a highly competitive market. My PhD research will try to model and simulate integrated energy systems project. It is under the supervision of Dr. David Wynn in the design and development research group.

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  • Design and development research group

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New Zealand