Dr Soroush Safaei

BE Sharif, PhD

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Soroush Safaei is a post-doctoral research fellow in Auckland Bioengineering Institute at University of Auckland and has been a member of Physiome project group since 2010. He completed his PhD at University of Auckland and his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. His research interests in bioengineering lie in the areas of computational modelling, cardiovascular system, systems biology, dementia, diabetes, and bond graphs. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of physiology, neuroscience and pharmacology for understanding human physiology, from proteins and cells to tissues and organs, with multi-scale models that use computational techniques derived from engineering and software approaches from computer science.

Research | Current

Computational physiology often relies on multi-scale models of coupled physical processes that can both accurately represent anatomical organ/tissue structure and link to molecular mechanisms. Soroush is developing a mathematical framework based on the transfer, storage and dissipation of energy that addresses these molecule-to-organ scales. The organ level models are typically based on finite element descriptions of organ anatomy upon which biophysical field equations can be solved, using material constitutive laws that are described in relation to underlying tissue structure. These models then invoke cellular mechanisms that are described by a bond graph framework to ensure both conservation of mass or charge and conservation of energy.


Research group

Virtual Brain Project
Physiome Project

Teaching | Current

Doctoral Training Program (DTP) - Computational Physiology

Postgraduate supervision

  • Jiantao Shen (PhD)
  • Elias Ghadam Soltani (PhD)
  • Nima Afshar Ghotli (PhD)
  • Finbar Argus (PhD)
  • Renfei Ma (PhD)
  • Zohreh Ekhlasi (ME)
  • Cameron Apeldoorn (ME)

Areas of expertise

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Computational Physiology
  • Bond Graph Method
  • Neurovascular Coupling
  • Diabetes

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ABI Early Career Researchers (ECR) Group Representative

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


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Level 6, Room 601
New Zealand

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