Dr Stephane Pierre Bertin

MEng Mechanical Engineering (2010), Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France; PhD Civil Engineering (2016), The University of Auckland, New Zealand


Stéphane Bertin is a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and member of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory (HEL) in Newmarket. He completed his PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland in 2016, under Dr Heide Friedrich’s supervision. Prior to coming to New Zealand, Stéphane graduated with a Master of Engineering with specialisation in Environmental Fluid Mechanics from the University of Lyon in France. 

Stéphane’s research interests include fluid mechanics and remote sensing applications to the Environment. A collaboration with the Department of Computer Science resulted in the development of a non-proprietary photogrammetric technique for high-resolution and accuracy measurement of riverbed topography. The technique was used in laboratory and field studies. Other projects include working on gravel-bed river roughness and the effects of fine sediment introduction in aquatic systems. As a member of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory, Stéphane was responsible for teaching experiments in Fluid Mechanics (Civil 230 and Civil 332).

Research | Current

  • Fluid mechanics
  • hydraulics
  • sediment transport
  • flow-biota interactions
  • remote sensing.


AUEA Braithwaite-Thompson Graduate Research Award, University of Auckland, 2012.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Member, International Association for Hydro-environment engineering and Research (IAHR)

Member, Rivers' group (IPENZ and Water NZ)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)