Dr Vaughan Feisst

PhD in cellular and molecular biology

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My research interests are focused on two overlapping fields. The first is skin engineering, the process of making human skin in the laboratory to be used to treat burn wounds. We have developed novel methods for growing large sheets of skin that can be used to treat patients wounds, speeding up their recovery.  This research is now almost at the point of being tested on patients in clinical trials.  So now our research is turning towards developing the next generation of engineered skin.  We want to find ways to make skin that is the same colour as that of the patient, has sweat glands and hair follicles.  We are just at the start of the process of understanding how to make a perfect replica of human skin in the laboratory.

My second area of research interest is mesenchymal cell populations that reside in human dermis, the layer of skin that provides structural integrity. Of particular interest are the mature and progenitor fibroblast cell populations. We are interested in the relationships between these cell populations and the role each plays in human skin homeostasis, wound healing, and disease.


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