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PhD (Molecular Medicine)

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Venkatesh did his masters in Genetechnology from Bharathidasan University, India. He worked on "Biomonitoring of bystander effect on leukocytes of patients with precancerous and cancerous lesions of the cervix" under the supervision of Dr Ruther Nelson and Professor Yog R. Ahuja. The thesis was well received and he was awarded a gold medal for his work.

Beyond his masters, Venkatesh has worked at Osmania University, Hyderabad in the capacity of a university lecturer. He has taught theory and practical papers such as Medical Biotechnology, rDNA Technology and Molecular Biology to masters students. As a university lecturer, Venkatesh has had the rare opportunity of setting up a plant tissue culture laboratory, and an environmental biotechnology laboratory. He was also instrumental in designing summer projects for graduate students. 

With the interest towards research getting the better of him, he worked as a research technician beyond his two-year term as a university lecturer, and has worked on a wide variety of projects dealing with various human diseases ranging from endometriosis, fibroids, autism, and fungal sinusitis. The highlight of Venkatesh's position was that he worked in close proximity of clinicians, thus helping him understand the prognosis of the various diseases from a clinician's point of view too.

Venkatesh has recently completed his PhD from the Faculty of Medical and Health Science, working on "Genetic and genomic technologies, and survival from prostate cancer" under the supervision of Emeritus Professor Lynnette Ferguson. It is worthy of mention that Venkatesh completed a thesis with publication and was actively involved in presenting his findings at various conferences too. He was shortlisted for “Young Researcher Award” by the New Zealand Society for Oncology (NZSO), 2016 for his contributions and invited to deliver a talk in their annual meeting.

Venkatesh has been trying to establish the role of gene x environment, gene x diet, and gene x age interactions and the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in recent years. He has been promoting the role of nutrigenomics and risk of aggressive prostate cancer in New Zealand population.

Research | Current

I am keen to identify non-invasive biomarkers to differentiate between aggressive and non-aggressive forms of prostate cancer using Molecular Biology skills.

Teaching | Current

Actively invovled in lab demonstration (Microbiology) for undergarduate students enrolled in the following courses:








2001: Best Outgoing Student, High School

2006: University Gold Medal, MSc (Genetechnology), Bharathidasan University

2016: Travel Award, New Zealand Society for Oncology

2016: Travel Grant, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Post Graduate Student’s Association, the University of Auckland

2017: Travel Grant, NZFSSRC Annual Meeting

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Molecular Diagnostics



Prostate Cancer


Data mining

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2017- till date: Member, ANZUP

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