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Ph.D Candidate, Dance Studies: The University of Auckland – Auckland, New Zealand - Full doctoral scholarship - (2018- ongoing). • MA. Master of Arts, Arts Institute: University of Campinas UNICAMP - São Paulo, Brasil - (2009-2011). • Bachelor in Performing Arts, Emphasis: Acting (Awarded with distinctions): El Bosque University – Bogotá, Colombia - (2000- 2004)OTHER QUALIFICATIONS Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 - International Certificate KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) (2016) Kundalini Yoga Level 2 - Conscious Communication KRI (Karam Kriya International School) (2020) Kundalini Yoga Level 2 - Lifecycles & Lifestyles KRI (Karam Kriya International School) (2020) Yoga for anxiety and Female Depression - Specialization by Lola Espí Cerdá (España) Bogotá Colombia (2017) Kundalini Yoga for kids - Specialization. By Prabhunam Kaur. YogaCrecer Chile. Bogotá Colombia (2017) Yoga for Women Specialization Joti Sarovar. Int. Certificate Women of Light Foundation - Rupanco Chile (2015)

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy

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Through a weave of reflections and choreographic experiences, my current practice-led Phd research ‘Dramaturgies of presence’, builds and explores transdisciplinary relationships involving languages such as contemporary dance, choreographic composition, dance dramaturgy, yoga concepts, somatics, spiritualities, meditation and Psychomagic and Psychoshamanism. The research generates thinking about the choreographic practice in terms of its ‘subtlety’, the different ways, states, inner and imaginary paths that a dancer can travel while dancing, and that choreographers may use to infuse meaning and form in the creation. It is also a reflection of how energy (as a term derived from yogic notions) is manifested in dance, through the inner aspects and layers of choreography such as memories, intentions, imageries and states. Starting from my own background and experience as an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, dancer and yoga practitioner, the research is solidly based on a series of choreographic experiences. Inviting notions such as ‘healing’ and ‘wholeness’ to the choreographic field, this research formulates how healing  might be used in dance practices to refer not to the idea of fixing someone or something, but to the actions, paths or mechanisms that bring liberating and balancing experiences from any emotional and subconscious aspects of the dancer, the audience and the choreographer. The notion of dramaturgy of presence is a term I coined during the first year of my research and it is used to define the unique encounter between all the components of my transdisciplinary weave, it is a concept that unifies the singularity in which all the areas relate to each other in the specific context of the choreographic practice. Therefore, presence emerges as a keyword pointing out the here and now of the performative action, the immersion in the present moment, bareness, fully awareness through states of movement, but also through the notion of ‘being absorbed in one focus’, which yoga and meditation concepts led to as well. This means that, in a metaphorical way, both, yogi and performer in presence, are attending for a particular experience through the power of the present moment. Currently, I am a full-time student of the Dance Studies Programme at the University of Auckland.

Teaching | Current

NUMEN DANCE. Choreographic research, Dance sessions and workshops.

Project that explores a particular experience and perspective of dance and choreographic practice, where states and movement lead to the construction of a dramaturgy of presence. It is applied with professional artists, but also with a non-artist audience, people without any kind of dance or performing arts background emphasizing the healing tools of  movement, dance practice and body awareness.

DIVINA MANEVI Dance Company Project, Founder & Director.

Performing arts, dance and transdisciplinarity project. Dance company and research project that explores and develop relationships between contemporary dance, choreography, dance dramaturgy, psychomagic, yoga concepts and specifics elements from a very singular creative landscape.

KUNDALINI YOGA Permanent study group, yoga sessions and Workshops. Teachings and Kundalini Yoga Practices.



Full Doctoral Scholarship The University of Auckland- Auckland - New Zealand. Dance Studies Programme, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

Honourable mention for the research "The body as a creative tool in the process of construction of the dramatic image" El Bosque University - Faculty of Arts. Theatre Department. Bogotá - Colombia.

Degree of Honour for the highest average of the performing Arts programme, El Bosque University, Faculty of Arts, Theatre Department. Bogotá, Colombia.


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Artistic Director, Performing Arts Researcher, Choreographer, Actress, Dancer, Performing Arts, and Transdisciplinary Educator.

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