Dr Yuri Seo

PhD, MCom (Hons), BCom (Hons)


Dr Yuri Seo is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Auckland Business School, and Director of Korea Studies Centre at the New Zealand Asia Institute. His research queries how consumer behaviours, mindsets, and choices both shape and are shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures. Currently, this encompasses three streams of research: (1) digital media consumption, (2) luxury consumption, and (3) global consumer culture. Yuri’s research has been published in leading academic journals, such as Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Marketing Letters, Journal of Consumer Culture, and Journal of Travel Research among others. He was a recipient of several awards, including University of Auckland Early Career Research Excellence Award (ECREA) and ANZMAC Emerging Researcher of the Year Award.

Research | Current

  • Selected Publications:​ 

1.  Seo, Y., Li, X., Choi, Y., Yoon, S. (2018). Narrative transportation and paratextual features of social media in viral advertising, Journal of Advertising, 47(1), 83-95 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

2. Septianto, F., Sung, B., Seo, Y., and Tugiman N. (2018). Proud volunteers: the role of self- and vicarious-pride in promoting volunteering. Marketing Letters, DOI: 10.1007/s11002-018-9472-7 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

3. Kim, J., Seo, Y. ​[equal contribution] (2018). An Evolutionary Perspective on Risk-Taking in Tourism, Journal of Travel Research, DOI:10.1177/0047287518807579 (A* in ABDC, 4 in ABS).

4.  Choi, Y., Seo, Y., Wagner, U., Yoon, S. (2018). Matching luxury brand appeals with attitude functions on social media across cultures, Journal of Business Research, 10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.10.003 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

5.  Cruz, A., Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver, M. (2018). Religion as a field of transcultural practices in multicultural marketplaces, Journal of Business Research, 91, 317-325 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

6.  Cruz, A., Seo, Y. [equal contribution], Rex, M. (2018). A practice theoretical perspective of trolling in online communities, Information Society, 34(1), 15-26​ (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

7.  Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver, M. (2017). Constructing a typology of luxury brand consumption practices, Journal of Business Research, DOI: 10.​1016/​j.​jbusres.​2017.​09.​019 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

8.  Han, J., Seo, Y., Ko, E. (2017). Staging luxury experiences for understanding sustainable fashion consumption: A balance theory application. Journal of Business Research, 74, 162-167 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

9.  Seo, Y., (2016). Professionalized consumption and identity transformations in the field of eSports, Journal of Business Research, 69(1), 264-272 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

10.  Kwon, J., Seo, Y., Ko, D. (2016). Effective luxury-brand advertising: The ES-IF matching model, Journal of Advertising, 45(4), 459-471 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

11.  Seo, Y., Jung, S. (2016). Beyond solitary play in computer games: the social practices of eSports, Journal of Consumer Culture, 16(3), 635-655 (A in ERA, 5-Year Impact Factor Ranking: 1st in Cultural Studies, 23rd in Sociology).

12.  Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver, M., Cruz, A. (2015). Rethinking luxury brand markets as confluences of multiple cultural beliefs. International Marketing Review, 32(2), 141-159 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).

13.  Ko, D., Seo, Y., Jung, S. (2015). Examining the effect of cultural congruence, processing fluency, and uncertainty avoidance in online purchase decisions in the U.S. and Korea. Marketing Letters, 26(3), 377-390 (A in ABDC, 3 in ABS).


  • Additional Publications:

14.  Choi, Y., Seo, Y., Yoon, S. (2017). E-WOM messaging on social media: social ties, temporal distance, and message concreteness. Internet Research, 27(3), 495-505 (A in ABDC).

15.  Seo, Y., Kelleher, C., Brodie R. (2017). Broadening brand engagement within the service-centric perspective: an intersubjective hermeneutic framework. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 27(2), 317-335 (A in ABDC).

16.  Gosling, M., Richard, J., Seo, Y. (2017). Markets and market boundaries: a social practice approach, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 27(2), 408-426 (A in ABDC).

17.  Akaka, M., Corsaro, D., Kelleher, C., Maglio, P., Seo, Y., Lusch, R., Vargo, S. (2014). The role of symbols in value cocreation. Marketing Theory, 14(3), 311-326 (A in ABDC).

18.  Seo, Y. (2013). Electronic sports: a new marketing landscape of the experience economy. Journal of Marketing Management, 29(13-14), 1542-15-60 (A in ABDC).

19.  Buchanan-Oliver, M., Seo, Y. (2012). Play as co-created narrative in computer game consumption: the hero’s journey in Warcraft III. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 11(6), 423-513 (B in ABDC list).


  • Invited and Viewpoint Publications:

20.  Seo, Y., Dolan, R., Buchanan-Oliver, M. (2018). Playing games: advancing research on online and mobile
gaming consumption. Internet Research, DOI:10.1108/IntR-11-2018-0483 (A in ABDC).

21. Seo, Y., Gao, H.  (2015). Towards a value-based perspective of consumer multicultural orientation. European Management Journal, 33(1), 30-36 (B in ABDC).

22.  Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver M. (2015). Luxury branding: the industry, trends, and future conceptualizations. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 27(1), 82-98 (B in ABDC).

23.  Seo, Y., Fam, K. (2015). Researching asian consumer culture in the global marketplace. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 18(4), 386-390 (B in ABDC).

24.  Seo, Y., Cruz, A, Fam, K. (2015). Food consumption and marketing: turning toward Asia. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 32(7), 501 - 504 (B in ABDC).

25.  Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver, M., Fam, K. (2015). Advancing research on computer game consumption: a future research agenda. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 14(6), 353-356 (B in ABDC).


  • Selected Conference Proceedings:

1. Cruz, A., Seo, Y.,  Binay, I. (2018). Globalizing from the periphery: The role of consumer paratextual translation, NA Advances in Consumer Research, Dallas, TX, U.S.A.

2. Jung, S., Seo, Y. (2017). Who are more influential in a virtual world?, American Marketing Association Winter Conference, Orlando, FL, U.S.A.

3.  Choi, Y., Seo, Y., Yoon, S. (2017). Perceived tie strength and temporal distance on social media: What kind of messages do consumers like to share?, American Marketing Association Winter Conference, Orlando, FL, U.S.A.

4.  Cruz, A., Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver, M. (2016). Fields of transcultural practices: The role of religion in multicultural marketplaces, NA Advances in Consumer Research, Berlin, Germany.

5.  Seo, Y., Buchanan-Oliver, M. (2016). Towards a typology of luxury consumption practices, Global Marketing Conference, Hong Kong (GAMMA President's Choice Awards Paper).

6.  Rex, M., Cruz, A., Seo, Y. (2015). Towards a broader understanding of online trolling: A practice theoretical perspective, NA Advances in Consumer Research, New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.

7.  Gao, H., Seo, Y., Laufer, D. (2015). Toward and Institution-based view of crisis management in emerging markets: and analysis of food safety crisis in China, American Marketing Association Winter Conference, San-Antonio, TX, U.S.A.

8.  Seo, Y., Brodie, R. (2015). Broadening the concept of brand engagement in S-D logic perspective, Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Brisbane, Australia (Best Paper in Services Marketing Track).

9.  Seo, Y., Gao, H. (2013). Conceptualizing a consumer values orientation for multiculturalism. Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Auckland, New Zealand (EMJ Early Career Conference Paper Award).

10.  Ko, D., Seo, Y., Jung, S. (2013). The influence of cultural congruence on perceived risk and trust in online-purchase decisions: Processing fluency as a mediator. European Marketing Academy Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Teaching | Current

  • 2017 - 2018 MKTG705 Advanced Consumer Behaviour

  • 2017 - 2018 MKTG306 Advertising and Promotions

  • 2016 - 2018 MKTG303 Consumer Behaviour

  • 2016 BUS101 Business and Enterprise I

  • 2016 Visiting Professorship, Yonsei University

Postgraduate supervision

Digital consumer culture and behaviour

Luxury consumption and cultural branding

Multicultural marketplaces and global consumer culture 


  • Research Awards and Honours:

2018 University of Auckland Early Career Research Excellence Award (ECREA)

2018 Global Marketing Conference Best Paper Excellence Award

2018 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence, Highly Commended Paper in Internet Research

2017 ANZMAC Emerging Researcher of the Year Award

2016 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence, Winner of the Outstanding Paper in APJML

2016 KSMS International Conference Best Paper Excellence Award

2015 KSMS International Conference Best Paper Premier Award

2014 ANZMAC Best Paper in Services Marketing Track Award

2013 ANZMAC/EMJ Early Career Conference Paper Award


  • Service Awards and Honours:

2018 Invited Speaker for Culture and Design Management Program Special Lecture Series at Yonsei University

2017 Global Fashion Management Conference Best Track Chair Award


  • ​Competitive Research Grants and Funding:

2017 - 2018 CUPKS Korea Studies Research Fund (PI)

2016 University of Auckland SRT Grant $59,000 (PI)

2016 University of Auckland FRDF Grant $17,500 (PI)

2016 Amore Pacific Foundation Sponsored Research Agreement $12,000 (PI)

2013 Victoria University DVC Research Establishment Grant $10,000 (PI)



  • Associate Editor, Internet Research (SSCI)

  • Associate Editor, (Luxury Marketing), Journal of Global Fashion Marketing (Scopus)

  • Editorial Review Board, Australasian Marketing Journal (Scopus)

  • Editorial Review Board, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (SSCI)

Areas of expertise

  • Cultural Branding

  • Consumer Mindsets

  • Digital Consumer Culture

  • Luxury Branding 

  • Multicultural Marketing

  • Marketing in Asia


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Level 4, Room 412
New Zealand

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