Dr Yukti Vyas

Masters of Science in Biomedical Science – First Class

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Research Fellow


Yukti began her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Auckland in 2010, studying sensory and integrative neuroscience, protein structure and function, physiology of human organs, and biology of growth and development.  She subsequently went on to do her postgraduate studies at the Centre for Brain Research under the supervision of Associate Professor Johanna Montgomery.  


Yukti has recently completed her PhD in neuroscience, examining the physiological effects of zinc supplementation on Autism Spectrum Disorder-associated mutations, from the synaptic to the behavioural level.  Yukti is also helping establish in vivo imaging using miniaturised microscopes in freely behaving animals to understand the changes in neurons and astrocytes in Alzheimer's Disease, and assisting on a project building the first 2-photon microscope at the University of Auckland.  


2020: Mary Bullivant Prize in Physiology

2019: Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Dame Dorothy Winstone Doctoral Completion Award

2019: Best Poster Presentation Award at the Association for the Study of Neurons and Diseases Conference

2019: Winner of Visualization and Analysis Award from the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit 

2019: Second Runner-up Best Oral Presentation Award at the University of Auckland HealtheX Conference 

2019: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Postgraduate Student Association Travel Grant

2018: First Runner-up Best Poster Presentation Award at the University of Auckland HealtheX Conference

2018: Australasian Neuroscience Society Early Career Researcher Travel Scholarship

2018: International Brain Research Organization Young Investigators Training Program Travel Grant

2018: Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust PhD Research Travel Award

2018: Highly Commended Visualization and Analysis Award from the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit 

2017: Neurological Foundation ACAN Scholarship

2017: Highly Commended Light Microscopy Image Award from the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

2015-2019: The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship 

2014-2018: Neurological Foundation AWCBR Travel Grant

2012: The University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarship

Areas of expertise

Patch-clamp eletrophysiology, in vivo imaging, behavioural testing, Autism Spectrum Disorders

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M&HS BUILDING 502 - Bldg 502
Level 4, Room 401
New Zealand

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