Mr Yourong Frank Wang

B.Sc. Physics (with 1st Class Honours), The University of Auckland, 2020

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I am a first-year doctoral student in theoretical physics, driven to solve problems that lie at the intersection of astrophysics, contemporary particle physics, and nonlinear dynamics.

I am also a staunch advocate of critical thinking and scientific inquisition. In a journey parallel to my academic career, I wish to become a digital artist that produces media inspired by (and one day, inspiring) progress in physics, math, and the humanities.


Research | Current

As my introductory project at the Auckland Cosmology Group, I am currently working on the numerical side of things, developing a scheme through which we can study the influence that Ultralight Dark Matter (ULDM) has on N-Body systems. If successful, this effort offers us an opportunity to test the correctness of ULDM theories and is relevant for our understanding of, for example, the interaction between supermassive black holes during galaxy mergers.

ULDM is a hypothetical model of the dark matter which postulates that a very-low-mass bosonic scalar field is responsible for helping form some large-scale structures of the universe that we observe. Due to the low mass and thus extremely long de Broglie wavelengths (~10kpc, ~10^20 m), on sub-galactic length scales, ULDM behaves purely quantum mechanically. This is somewhat analogous to how a Bose-Einstein Condensate that experimentalists maintain in labs on earth, where a cluster of atoms, when cooled sufficiently, behave as if the entire system follows the wavefunction of a single particle.

Teaching | Current

I am teaching the practical components of Physics 20x and 244, as well as Physics 390, Experimental Physics.



  • UoA Doctoral Scholarship, The University of Auckland.


  • David Robinson Prize in Mathematical Physics, The University of Auckland.
  • University PG Scholar, The University of Auckland.
  • First in Course Awards in Physics 746, Introductory Quantum Field Theory, Physics 703, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Maths 762, Nonlinear PDE, Maths 763, Advanced PDE, and Maths 770, Numerical Analysis


  • Senior Scholar Award, The University of Auckland.
  • Department of Physics Scholarship, The University of Auckland.
  • First in Course Award in Physics 335, Quantum Mechanics


  • First in Course Awards in Physics 150, Advancing Physics II, Chemistry 220, Inorganic Compounds and CompSci 225, Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Siphala Foundation Stage II Chemistry Prize
  • NZQA Outstanding Scholarship. New Zealand Qualification Agency.

Areas of expertise

  • Theoretical Quantum Mechanics
  • Complex Systems
  • Nonlinear Dynamics

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  • Monday, Thursday
    • 10am - 11am, via Zoom
  • Tuesday
    • 2pm - 3:30pm, via Zoom

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SCIENCE CENTRE 303 - Bldg 303
Level 6, Room 620
New Zealand

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