Mr Zane Egginton

BSc (Waikato)

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Egginton, Z. (2009), Digital Visualisations of the Auckland Isthmus, Cumulus Aotearoa Conference,
Auckland, New Zealand.
Bogunovich, D., Popov, N., Williamson, P., and Egginton, Z. (2009). The Eco-Design Showcase. Queens Wharf Competition Entry.
Egginton, Z., Popov, N., and Orams, B.
(2010), Digitising the Complex Form,
ANZASCA 44th Conference of the Australia and NZ Architectural Science Association,
Auckland, New Zealand
Egginton, Z., and Hynson, Y. (2011), Screencasts in Unitec departments, Moodle Moot Conference,
Auckland New Zealand.
Egginton, Z., and Hynson, Y., (2011), Screencasting for you. International Conference on eLearning Futures, Auckland, New Zealand
Egginton, Z., Bardebes, W. (2012), Shifiting Perspectives, Art Exhibition, Snow White Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.
Egginton, Z., (2012), Hollywood Landscapes, Digital Landscape Architecture Conference, Bernburg & Dessau, Germany.
Egginton, Z., et al. (2013), 3D Lenticular Images, Art Exhibition, Snow White Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


2001 – Outstanding Tertiary Educator Award, Apple NZ.
2006 – ‘Product of coexistance’, Finalist Coexistence Art Competition, Hart of the City, Auckland New Zealand
2006 – All’s Fair in Love and War is Hell, Auckland Finalist, 48 hour Film Comp.
2010 – Untitled Beach. Cornucopia3d ‘Beach and Seaside’ 3D rendering competition, Winner (1st Place),   
2010 – Untitled Beach, Picture of the day @ eon-softwares website,
2011 – Proposed Landfill (two images), Cornucopia3d ‘Cream of the crop’ collection
2011 – Under the Ice, Cornucopia3D ‘Deep Blue Seas’ Picture Contest, Winner (1st Place).
2011 – Faculty staff award: Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Unitec, NZ.

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Associate Member of The New Zealand Cinematographers Guild.


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Level 3, Room 308
New Zealand

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